Storage ideas in the bedroom – 35 sophisticated solutions

storage ideas bedroom under the bed

Storage ideas in the bedroom - 35 clever solutions for more storage space

If you have a small bedroom or just need more space then our 35 cool storage ideas will definitely help you. Even the bed hides many ways to stow things. Have you exhausted each one?

Definitely not.

There are beds with drawers or even wardrobes. Of course, you can also place beautiful woven baskets or storage boxes in different colors under the bed and thus use every free inch. The headboard of the bed also offers some options for smart, efficient storage. Some headboards are provided with open shelves, others with cabinets or drawers.

For small and adult girls

storage ideas shelf with rattan boxes

Summery lightness and sophistication

storage ideas retro wardrobe in white

Furniture designers are constantly designing new functional and ergonomic furniture with extra storage space. With them you can efficiently and comfortably design your bedrooms and stow or exhibit many more useful or popular items.

Take a look at all of these storage ideas from our collection today and think about which ones will work best in your bedroom.

Real video fans and collectors will love it

Storage niche with dvd shelves and drawer

Minimalist storage idea storage-colored modules in high gloss

If you like it more natural

Storage woven baskets and carton bags

Are you more of a vintage guy?

storage roomy bed with rattan box

Are you looking for puristic equipment with southern flair?

storage high bed with cupboards

Bright and tidy and at the same time very cozy

Storage closets around the bedA functional headboard with plenty of storage space

Storage headboard with drawers

Bright colors and simple wardrobe

Storage light wardrobes with sliding doors

Open wall shelves provide storage and exhibition space at the same time

storage open shelves

Beds have enough space for storage boxes

storage ideas bed bench with rattan boxes

With colorful boxes you can set fresh accents in the bedroom

storage ideas colorful cardboard boxes

Room-high, built-in shelves are also a successful solution

storage ideas built-in shelf in white

Safe and comfortable sleeping

storage ideas built-in niche with shelves

The jeans and the pockets can be stored in the bed shelf

storage ideas built-in shelf in bed

Hidden cabinets look like noble wall cladding

storage ideas headboard made of walnut wood

White bungee curtains hide the dressing room

  storage ideas open shelves and boxes with curtain

Shelf and rattan storage boxes

storage ideas open shelf with rattan boxes

Any free corner on the wall can be used

storage ideas open shelf and plaited compartments

Functional wall dresser

storage ideas open wall dresser

Oblique ceilings are not a disadvantage

storage ideas plastic boxes under the bed

You can also place beautiful woven baskets over the wardrobe

storage ideas rattan baskets and box on the wardrobe  The window area can simultaneously serve as a seat and cupboard

Storage ideas around the window

Step-like wall shelves are practical and look great

storage ideas step-like shelves

  Make optimal use of every centimeter

Storage ideas above the wardrobe and mirror

Drawers everywhere

storage ideas underbed drawers checkmate floor

Elegant underbedded solution

storage ideas white roll container bedside table

Multifunctional and clever setup

Storage seat with drawers and chest

Spacious lifting beds ensure plenty of storage space, even for larger items

Storage bin under the bed

Symmetrical aesthetics

storage deep wooden shelf in white

Simple elegance in the Scandinavian style

Storage hidden wardrobe

Mid-century romance

Storage vintage dresser

Bookworms will feel very comfortable here

Storage wall unit behind the bed