50 cool colonial beds for a cozy bedroom

cool beds in colonial style upholstered grass green carpet bedroom

Cool beds in colonial style

One of the classic images of Christmas shows Santa Claus jumping from one house roof to another and traveling the world on his magical sled. Because we have no way to offer you a ride on his sled, we can show you some amazing pictures of sleigh beds in a row for you!

Today we are talking about great beds in the colonial style. It's well known, the fabulous bed promises a refined, solemn look in your bedroom. Elegant and dramatic, it becomes an instant eye-catcher that exudes luxury and class.

Smooth, clear lines and shapes

cool colonial beds brazilian mahogany wood curves

Decorated in American style

cool colonial beds stylishly american

Dark wood trim in the bedroom

cool beds in colonial style upholstered sleigh sled shape

Rustic and minimalist at the same time

cool beds in colonial style fabulous sleigh bed of course wood

Elegant wallpapers complete the ambience

cool colonial beds stylish pattern textures lively bedroom

Traditional interior design - massive sleigh bed

cool colonial beds fabulous small bedroom naturally ventilated

Pale gray nuances designate the design

cool beds upholstered in colonial style wall luxury look bedroom

Nice, striking sleigh bed design

cool colonial beds warm wood colors bedroom inviting

Two single beds - classic designs

cool beds in colonial style cool british style guest bedroom

Track lights above the bed look attractive

Beds in colonial chic rail lights bedroom

Bold, pronounced textures and surfaces

cool beds in colonial style long sleigh bed perfect master bedroom

As a result of the French and American imperial era, the sleigh bed has long, arched bed legs and a headboard that is in the form of a sled. The modern designers have removed the ornaments and abolished them fitting in the contemporary bedroom. Here we have put together 50 sled beds in the colonial style, which offer you warmth and security, even when the winter cold begins ...

Create contrast from the textures and fabrics

cool beds in colonial style bedroom french doors windows

A great sleigh bed made of beautiful wood not only looks majestic, it also enhances the attractiveness of your bedroom, adding texture and intricate patterns. Sleigh beds are available in different wood textures and you can opt for more traditional iron beds if you want a metallic charm in the bedroom. From ample leather fabrics to plush upholstered textures, there are many variations and possibilities. As most contemporary bedrooms are fitted with glass and concrete, the sleigh bed gives the room a nice visual and structural balance.

Bed frame upholstered with leather

opulent brown leather sleigh bed design

Built-in ceiling lights - Rattan bedstead looks rural

serene bedroom cool organic textures sled bed

Bright green walls - remarkable paintings behind the bed

stunning sled bed structurally geometric contrast bedroom

Those of you who like an eclectic look in the bedroom can choose an antique sleigh bed that not only blends perfectly with your style of living, but also serves as a distinctive addition. Whether it's a delightful lattice design or willow textures, you can rest assured, the sleigh bed will skilfully complete your bedroom design.

Wooden ceiling gives the room a warm touch

wooden ceiling bedroom sleigh bed

Gray interior - classic chandelier

Winding fire pit sleigh bed opulence bedroom

Minimalism in gray - small but attractive sconces

contemporary bedroom gray stylish sleigh bed

Some paintings hung over the bed complete the functional room design

sleigh bed wood beautifully organic effect

Suspended ceiling made of wood

Sleigh beds available in different textures

Lighter and darker gray shades

bedroom miscellaneous gray shade sleigh bed

Elegant and dramatic in the bedroom

master bedroom sleigh bed colonial style table lamp

              Cot bed - rustic and rustic bedroom style design amazing lattice sleigh bed wood          Nursery for girls - white, pink and black are the dominant colors heregirl nursery white chic sleigh bed

Redefine the classic look

cozy bedroom warm relaxing colors

Most of us assume the sleigh beds are just expensive and curvy headboards and footrests, and look like they've fallen out of a Hollywood magazine. But this is nothing more than a stereotypical misunderstanding and like any other piece of furniture, the sleigh beds have witnessed an enormous leap in design in the last century! Modern sleigh beds come in a variety of shapes and designers have redefined the classic look to create the perfect bed for sleek, minimalist homes.

Custom made sleigh bed

sleigh bed custom made warm cozy effect

Smart home idea - Reverse bedstead

sleigh bed reversed bed frame

The carpet here looks really classic and traditional

minimal shape sleigh bed nordic design inspired

The luminaires built into the cabinet can not go unnoticed under any circumstances

sleek modern classic sleigh bed design

Dense drapes do not allow daylight to flood into the room

sleigh bed stylish modern variants

Ceiling-high sash windows offer beautiful views of the countryside

elegant bed contemporary furnishings brick wall

Modern and ergonomic again in gray nuances

great sleigh bed italian improvisation

Typical sleigh bed painted glossy

bed eye-catching bedroom bench

A bit eclectic in the bedroom does not hurt

Cool curves sled bed display show

Skylight directly above the bed

Scandinavian designed sleigh bed minimalist shape

Striped elegant wallpapers in purple

purple stripe wallpaper bedding sled bed

Lush shape and comfortable effect

bedroom black white colors bedspread red

Vintage decor in the bedroom

luxury fabrics cute footstool style sleigh bed

Cute, feminine decor

sleigh bed bedroom full of cold blue shadow

Cozy and old-fashioned - a ladder leads to the loft

quaint bedroom ladder private penthouse

Artfully and extravagantly covered with wood

nice bedroom unobstructed views hearth corner

Mixture of different substances

classic bedroom beautiful ceiling fabulous sleigh bed

Colonial style in the bedroom

imperial period colonial style sleigh bed combined colors rooms

Nothing attractive at first glance, but do you see the upholstered headboard?

leather made sleigh bed rustic theme

Apartment in the woods - enjoy lovely scenery

delightful lake view elegant sleigh bed bedroom

Sleigh bed with high legs in the middle of the room

sleigh bed perfect house trendy youth room

Built-in fireplace warms the winter nights in the bedroom

sleigh bed bedroom hearth window

Striking - mahogany wood interior

traditional bedroom bed chest old

Confidential and welcoming

sleigh bed perfect simple room bedroom gray colors