Feng Shui bedroom design – tips and pictures

feng shui bedroom bed accent wall table

Feng Shui bedroom

 We all want to feel well in our bedrooms, right ?! Everyone wants to have a serene, relaxing atmosphere at home at the end of the long working day. Unfortunately, we hardly allow ourselves time to create harmony and balance in our bedroom. We have a suggestion on how to create the desired atmosphere.

That is that Feng Shui bedroom.

 In search of comfort and relaxation

Feng Shui bedroom bed lighting carpet

 Feng Shui is the Chinese type of arrangement, which is to be understood as "wind and water". Feng Shui is also closely linked to Qi energy. When this energy is properly distributed, it prepares joy and health. In the narrower sense, this means that the proper placement and arrangement of the furniture together with the decoration contribute to good sleep and good health. Here are some tips for your future Feng Shui bedroom ...

Yellow tones create relaxation

feng shui bedroom bed colored mirror


Position your bedroom away from the main entrance of your apartment! Feng Shui reminds us that our ancestors did not sleep at the entrance of the cave. As mentioned above, the bed position should be far from the bedroom door. Your bed should be equally accessible from both sides. This will keep your relationship healthy and give it harmony and balance. As a further condition for well-being you should be able to see the door from the lying position after the Feng Shui teaching. This will give you a feeling of protection. The bed headboard should be placed against a wall. According to Feng Shui, when sleeping under a window, his Qi energy will escape from the window. Remove the TV, PC and other electrical appliances from the bedroom or hide them behind the curtains! Remove all fitness equipment because it will destroy your Qi energy.

Symmetrical facility

feng shui bedroom bed painting

 To dye

The Feng Shui bedroom favors colors that ensure balance and eye comfort. After Feng Shui, the soothing colors will help you find the inner balance. The best Feng Shui colors are the so-called "skin colors". You can use coral, peach, cocoa, cream and pastel shades like beige and yellow. Other recommended colors are the bright tones of green, blue and lavender, which look peaceful and promote good sleep.

Oriental design

feng shui bedroom bed big room


Use accessories and oval shaped items. Feng Shui advises us that sharp decorative elements disturb our "chi" energy. Another tip is to select pair accessories. The bedroom should be a room for two and you should treat it as such. So bring in two bedside tables or two table lamps, whether you're single or not.

Use multiple types of lighting by focusing on candles! This will additionally relax and relax you.

Remove any mirrors or hide them because after Feng Shui mirrors are the reflection of your worries and disturb your good sleep.

Romantic lighting

feng shui bedroom bed big room black


Feng Shui bedroom bed headboard upholstered

 Great farther for more light

feng shui bedroom bed relax fireplace

 Many throw pillows

feng shui bedroom bed red black curtains

 Bedroom in gray

feng shui bedroom bed curtains gray

 Put purple and green together

feng shui bedroom decoration purple accents

 Funny pendant lights

feng shui bedroom white pendant lights

 Art Touch

Feng Shui bedroom bed nightstand

 Comfortable furniture

feng shui bedroom decoration ideas

 Nuances of brown

feng shui bedroom furnishing bed armchair

 Tender pink

feng shui bedroom furnishing pink

 Works of art on the wall

feng shui bedroom establishment

 Fresh flowers

feng shui bedroom yellow wall deco bed flowers

 Nightstand in a round shape

bedroom style feng shui accessories warm colors

 Painting with flowers

bedroom style feng shui paintings wooden bed

 wooden walls

bedroom style feng shui green curtains

 Modern bedroom in white and gray

bedroom style feng shui in gray

 Original bed headboard

bedroom style feng shui romantic

 Oval shaped Feng Shui bedroom

bedroom style feng shui round bed recessed lighting

 Gentle pastel nuances

bedroom style feng shui wall art

 Candles illuminate the room

bedroom style feng shui wall shelves candles

 Bedroom in white

romantic bedroom great decoration ideas


romantic bedroom deco red white

 Relax colors

bedroom gold red lighting

These were our tips for a comfortable bedroom, which can improve your health and inner well-being. Get inspiration and have fun setting up!