Springboxbed – the advantages of American beds

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Springboxbett - why that?


One of the most important questions of people who buy a new mattress is whether they need Springbox bed. The answer is, you do not always need it. In many cases, the Springboxbett is just one of the possible options through which you can provide support.

Mostly this is redundant on platforms. In the other cases, however, you would have to get a Springboxbett.

What does a Springboxbed / Boxspringbed consist of?

what does a springbox bed mattress topper consist of?

Functions of Springboxbett

It is the Springboxbett to a base with wooden frame. By spring or metal bars you offer the mattress a good support. The Springbox bed is usually the same size as the mattress itself. The mattress provides support to the human body. This in turn rests on the box spring bed. It brings the mattress to a more comfortable height and makes it easier to take it out and lay it down again. Many people who do not necessarily insist on having a bed that looks good in a decorative sense place their box spring bed directly on the floor.

 American beds in the European bedroom

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 Modern bedroom comfortably furnished

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Different types of spring box bed

In recent years, one can observe a super wide variety of different types of Springbox beds. Among other things, they have been adapted to the reduced thickness of the mattresses. Because we all know, this has come about as a result of developed technologies. Accordingly, the Springboxbett models also vary in their height. Above all, the differences are aesthetic.

 Boxspring bed with storage drawers

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Optically, both models look almost the same

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Flexible and semi-flexible spring box bed models

One would have to decide in our opinion for one of these two categories. This is undoubtedly fundamental. Because the not flexible box spring bed models hardly contribute to the general stability and decorative appreciation.

So do you need a spring box bed?

After all the facts that we have listed in relation to the term, let us now come to the main question. Experts are of the opinion that the use of the box spring bed extends the life of the mattresses. Furthermore, it provides a kind of stability that helps to keep two people side by side without disturbing each other.

Your healthy sleep is important

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Jumpbox bed and mattress now belong together. They may forego the first, but this will contribute to many aesthetic and practical compromises. They bring the best out of the mattress, if you also use a spring box bed. The latter is now a key component and supports the mattress in the best possible way.

With wooden bed frame

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 Asian style

What makes up a box spring mattress topper bedroom in the Asian style

Sleep well in a box spring bed!

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Box spring beds in the test

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Luxury bed in your own bedroom

American beds box spring topper mattress box spring bed headboard leather

Boxspring bed with or without motor adjustment

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With upholstered headboard in snow white  what makes up a boxspring bed mattress topper bed headboard white

A mechanism ensures your comfort

What makes a boxspring mattress topper with mechanism

With topper mattress

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 Leather bed with separate mattresses for 2 persons

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