Baroque bedroom furnishings – how the nobles sleep

baroque bedroom furnishings

Baroque style bedroom

Can you imagine that you will have anything but beautiful dreams in a bedroom like this? The style is Baroque and today we show how it can be integrated into a modern bedroom.

Let's start with a bit of history. The style originated several centuries ago in the courts of the aristocracy.

The lush and expensive equipment could be experienced in every detail.

Baroque bedroom furnishings

exuberant baroque bedroom

The modern variant of the Baroque is a little less impressive. But the main principles have remained unchanged. The interior design of this type is dominated by vaulted lines, lush shapes, intricate elements, oval mirrors, moldings and textiles.

Small bedroom furnished in Baroque style

patterned wallpaper for the baroque bedroom

So if you choose a suitable room for the Baroque bedroom, you should choose a room that makes it possible to follow these principles. The room should be very wide and have high ceilings. But even if the room is not large, you should not do without the baroque style. You can combine this one of its main features with those of other styles.

Cushion the bedroom wall golden

baroque bedroom modern

If you want to sculpt the bedroom in Baroque style, you have to start by covering the walls and the ceilings. These should be carried out in an ample manner, according to the general character of the style. Quite suitable would be wood panels of the noble kind.

Wall murals with Venetian stucco

large bed in the baroque bedroom

However, if this seems too complicated, there are many other alternatives as well. Consider wall murals with classic ornaments. These can also be replaced by Venetian stucco.

Typical curtains made of precious fabrics in Baroque style

deco items in baroque style

Typical of the Baroque style are also the curtains made of fine fabrics. Common are satin and velvet. The fabrics should be heavy and show slight draping. Do not forget the accessories! String, brushes and canopies should add lusciousness to the atmosphere.

Muted light is part of the bedroom in Baroque style

great decor for baroque bedroom

Although the dim light is the best in the bedroom. One should not compromise on this.

Use plenty of decorative items

golden shimmer in the baroque bedroom

The furniture in the bedroom should look very massive. One should put on plenty of decoration and try in every detail to imitate the lushness of the former courtyards.

 Massive furniture for the baroque bedroom  Baroque furniture for the bedroom

Bedside lamps in the same style    colorful carpet in the bedroom

  Mirror on the wallthe armchairs and the baroque-style table

Dark wall design allows you to highlight the baroque bed

dark wall paint for the bedroom

Great bedroom with canopy

Baroque style furniture

The curtains were color-adjusted to the bed

golden bed in baroque style

Red - Golden ambience  gold and red bedroom furnishings

Also, the Persian carpet with its typical Baroque patterns may not be missinglarge mirror in baroque style

Furnishing in silver and gold

big mirror in the baroque bedroom

Black chandelier over the bed

chandelier and bed in baroque style

Create a luxurious ambience

luxurious baroque bedroom interior

Modern bedroom in Baroque style

modern looking baroque bedroom

The entire lighting in gold color

modern baroque style bedroom

Exuberant wall decoration   bedroom equipment in the same motifs

Bright furniture for the bedroom in Baroque style

bedroom design in baroque style

Modern lamps on the bedside tables

bedroom in baroque style

Fresh flowers in a glass vase as a decoration

bedroom furnished in baroque style

Great color combination for the baroque bedroom

black golden furniture for the bedroom

 The rest of the furniture should be suitable great decor in the baroque style

The dresser in the same patterns as the bedroom bed

great atmosphere in baroque style

Excellent wall ornaments

Wall-paper in baroque style

Portrait pictures on the wall

room furniture in baroque style