Ideas for bedrooms – How to make the ceiling in the bedroom?

ideas for bedroom ceiling design wallpaper wooden beams

 Ceiling design ideas for bedroom

Many people neglect the ceilings when designing the bedroom. Or they ignore her because she feels too complicated. Did you recognize yourself in this brief description? Then we try to change your perspective on the things by the following article.

Look at the blanket like a blank canvas on which you can give your imagination free rein.

Wooden ceiling in the attic

ideas for bedroom ceiling design wood fancy carpet wooden elements

Cheap dramatic transformation

Another reason why people do not even think about the transformation of the ceiling is that they expect high costs. But they do not always have to come to you. The ceiling transformation can be done simply by a noble new color. Choose one, swipe and you're done! Designers suggest that you make the ceiling slightly lighter than the side walls.

The black ceiling gives the bedroom a manly look

ideas for bedroom black blanket wallpapers carpet

White walls and black ceiling form a beautiful whole

Ideas bedroom white wall paint black ceiling pendant lights

ideas for bedrooms as a simple decoration

Also under the decos there are enough cheap ideas for the bedroom ceiling design. You can attach clouds, stars or other celestial bodies. If you are artistically gifted, then perform the characters yourself. Otherwise, you could use the many decorative stickers on the market.

Visually imitate a historic ceiling construction

Would you like to sleep in a palace and see a vaulted ceiling above you? Then at least give yourself the illusion that this has really happened to you. Again, something like this can be realized with the help of a foil. There are those who imitate historic ceilings. Or maybe you would be able to paint something like this yourself on the ceiling?

Make the bedroom blanket in strips

ideas bedroom colored carpet stripes candlestick

cell ceiling

A very interesting and yet simple solution is cell ceilings. They would be a great idea for bedroom design in almost all households. They give these rooms a traditional yet elegant touch.

Pay enough attention to the ceiling when designing your bedroom

ideas for bedroom ceiling design trims window long curtains bedroom bench

Architectural decoration

Architectural elements are not always the most practical idea for the bedroom ceiling design. They look good almost exclusively in classic rooms. In addition to the stylistic question, the purely practical aspect must also be considered. Architectural elements such as cornices and moldings usually narrow the space. It is no coincidence that they are currently decorating the ceilings of large palaces. Architectural decoration is a good idea if the bedroom is too big. Then you would provide more comfort and warmth.

 Decorate the bedroom ceiling

ideas for bedroom ceiling cornice ceiling lighting carpet

The blanket can be a great accent

ideas for bedroom ceiling design cornices luxury interior design

Cornices and LED strips in the bedroom

ideas for bedroom cornice ceiling design bedroom bench armchair

Wooden ceiling in the bedroom gives this a natural touch

ideas bedroom wood ceiling fashion armchair panoramic window

Bedroom with wooden beams

Ideas bedroom great candlesticks wooden beams carpet

Wall wallpaper with floral elements and wooden beams look just great together

ideas for bedroom ceiling design wooden beams floral wall wallpaper

Dress the bedroom ceiling in wallpaper

ideas bedroom beautiful blanket wallpaper carpet long curtains

Luxurious bedroom with ceiling lighting

Ideas bedroom beautiful ceiling design wesser carpet luxurious wall design