Effective Feng Shui bed orientation – proper sleeping direction

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Several Feng Shui Tips for Bed Orientation - Proper Sleeping Direction

question: My bed faces the bathroom door and the toilet, give me, please, any Feng Shui advice?
I've heard that it's really bad feng shui that the bed in the bedroom faces the bathroom door.

My bed is also in a direct line with the toilet. I can feel that this is really bad feng shui, can you please help with that?

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answer: It is important to know that perfect Feng Shui bedroom is difficult to set up. Just like anything perfect, really ... this is a good start to change the bedroom design from bad feng shui to a better feng shui.
Yes, the bed should not be aligned with any doors, be it bedroom doors, bathroom doors or closet doors.
First, turn to the Feng Shui bed orientation tips. After doing this, focus on neutralizing any negative energy in the bathroom.

Basically, you want to create an invisible (or visible!) Division between the bathroom and the bedroom, and here are a few ideas on how to do that with good Feng Shui in mind:
Allow the bedroom, as well as the bathroom door almost all the time. This is a simple advice that is often forgotten.

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Find a way to strengthen the bedroom door and soften the bathroom door. You can do that with color, for example, or find your own way to clearly indicate which of the two doors is more important and needs to attract more energy.
If you decide to hang a mirror on the bathroom door (a popular Feng Shui cure for bathroom doors), choose a small mirror. It's a good Feng Shui to face a large mirror as you leave the bedroom.

Gray, neutral textures, finishes and colors in the bedroom - Feng Shui decor

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Take care of your bathroom and keep its energy fresh, d. H. use candles, essential oil or tub lights. Be creative and beautify this space.

You can also choose to 'lay down' the energy near the toilet, which can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can prepare a large bowl of boulders or crystals and place them on a small shelf above the toilet, or attach them to a larger shelf on the wall above the toilet.

If you pay attention to the energy in your bathroom and want to create an effective, fine division between the bathroom and the bedroom, we are sure it will come a day when this potentially bad Feng Shui energy will not trouble you anymore.

Bright, warm colors in the bedroom - relaxing and happy Feng Shui

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