Futuristic Bedroom Designs – 26 original interior design ideas

futuristic bedroom designs over the clouds

26 Futuristic Bedroom Designs

Why not try something new when setting up your apartment? Why always the standard furniture or the subtle natural colors?

How about an original and visionary bedroom design that you only know from science fiction movies or from your own dreams?

Then just have a look at the futuristic bedroom designs below.

Your bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in your home. The place of rest and relaxation where you can forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge with positive energy and strength. You can say that the bedroom is for the most part connected to your future, because of all the meditation or forging plans for the future. Do not leave your future to chance!

Convince yourself of the stunning futuristic bedroom designs and make a safe, future-oriented step for your interior design style. Everything is important. The sounds, the textures, the patterns and the lighting, everything has to be coordinated with each other.

Wall mirrors, fully glazed intermediate doors bring additional optical width

futuristic bedroom designs shell shaped with neon light

The pastel-green tone of the upholstery is in harmony with the wall paneling made of fine light-colored wood

futuristic bedroom designs pastel green simple wall sconces

Lavender in leather look

futuristic bedroom designs organic swinging in lavender

Stimulating orange-red with momentum

futuristic bedroom designs extravagant in upholstery

A tasteful bar ambience

futuristic bedroom designs spacious bed ergonomic recliners

Cubic bed in stimulating red

futuristic bedroom designs bedside in fiery red wood

The bed shell in purple and maroon is a real designer feat

futuristic bedroom designs noble burgundy and deep purple tones

Cream and neon green light

futuristic bedroom designs green neon light under the bed

Ivy leaves in grass green for inner peace

futuristic bedroom designs oval ivy photo wallpaper everywhere

Straight lines and striped carpet

futuristic bedroom designs striped carpet and led tv

The photos above are from Lush Motel concavo e Convexo in São Paulo, completely refurbished in 2012 and designed by the architects Francisco Calio and Fabiola Fera made by Calio.

This extravagant bed was designed by Russian designer Nickolai Yegorov.

The fancy, futuristic construction is on the bed "Ness" of Sawaya & Moroni based

futuristic bedroom designs geometric construction and pyramid

White perfection

futuristic bedroom designs vaulted in bright white

A futuristic touch of Africa

futuristic bedroom designs checkmate tribal art

An igloo-like design with pink accents

futuristic bedroom designs snail-shaped with pink accents

Oval shapes and frosted glass

futuristic bedroom designs frosted glass intermediate wall

A war of stars worthy design

futuristic bedroom round bed in navy blue

Original shelving system with unusual vases

futuristic bedroom fancy vases recessed lighting

A futuristic poetry in purple and gray

futuristic bedroom aubergine bedding

Unique lightness

futuristic bedroom wicker metal armchair

Futuristic romance in snow white

futuristic bedroom freestanding oval tub and built-in candle holders

For real neon fans

futuristic bedroom blue neon light velvet glossy couch

That's how it might look in the spaceship

futuristic bedroom like in spaceshipfuturistic bedroom sloping walls black white and dark parquet