Bedroom design – 33 design inspirations from Morocco

Moroccan traditions, customs and ways of life have a long and varied history. For all those who long for North African mood and authenticity, we have prepared an exciting topic today.

In today's article, we plan to look behind the scenes of Moroccan interior design and take a closer look at the Moroccan bedroom furniture.

Contemporary designers draw inspiration from traditional patterns and colors and create a combination of timeless design and modern elegance.

Red and gold make a majestic combination

Bedroom design bedroom design industry carpet morocco

With exotic textile design, intriguing shades and a touch of adventure, your bedroom transforms into a visual experience full of luxury and brilliance.

"Exciting" - is the only word that comes to mind when we try to describe the bedroom with refined Moroccan elements.

Today's bedroom design collection goes from the brazen to the elegant, from the understated to the ultra-modern and we have again tried to find something for everyone.

Oriental details and daring colors make up the Moroccan design style

Bedroom design bedroom design morocco purple light

Very well known are traditional Moroccan light bodies that are not mistaken

Bedroom design bedroom design seat cushion morocco

Purple plush and glitter gold

Purple and purple are the colors that are regularly part of the hottest trends in recent decades. Regardless of the hue or color shade, these colors are always associated with perfection and style. If we add some gold to these two colors, the combination results in something majestic. The bedroom design in purple looks natural, exotic and is often associated with affluence. If you sprinkle some gold here and there, you will probably feel like a king or a queen from the Middle East.

Separate shimmering beds with canopy or canopy also have a stressed Moroccan character

Bedroom design bedroom design petrol blue

The Moroccan style fascinates in its own way

Bedroom design bedroom design ocher gold sun carpet

Imaginative designs look pampering and cozy

Bedroom design bedroom design modern mix morocco headrest

Pouring romance in red

Are you planning to turn your bedroom into a dream space? Hardly anyone can make it brighter and more magnificent than the Moroccans. Stunning and luxurious reds are only part of the Moroccan range of furnishings. If you combine this with plushy textiles, you get an incredibly fascinating bedroom. The bed with the four posts together with the canopy has a mystical appeal. The fluffy walls make this decor even more magnificent. If you get enough red, you can choose pink or full shade orange and give the room a Moroccan expression, without it being too overwhelming for anyone.

Refined decor with claret and gold

Bedroom design purplish

Casual Mediterranean vibration

Moroccan bedroom is also possible without strong colors. You can just look for Mediterranean motifs.

Mediterranean bedrooms are an often soothing environment for humans and tend to be a little less playful. Both Moroccan styles have a deep connection to Arab culture and the Middle East.

Sympathetic Moroccan lanterns, Mashrabiya boards and stylishly designed windows offer a mix of styles. A neutral background allows more freedom in bed selection.

This original bed is an absolute work of art

Bedroom design white creamy

Country style with Morocco elements at the same time acts vulgar and noble

Bedroom design hollywood

There may also be few details that change the ambience

Bedroom design modern mix morocco

Modern Moroccan twist

Many of us automatically think of 1001 Nights and oriental ornaments and ornaments when they hear Moroccan style. Creating such a space is not difficult, most people tend to have a relatively practical bedroom, which is less exotic. The Morocco design direction is a perfect balance between contemporary backgrounds and Moroccan decoration elements. Again, it has to be said here - the Moroccan lanterns are a main theme of this establishment because they describe and emphasize the look, while famous Morocco rugs, colorful seat cushions and geometric patterns complete the picture.

Create a distinctive North African mood with pillows, lanterns, duvet covers and bold colors

Bedroom design lantern

Persian runners, traditional bedspreads and large windows suggest the source of inspiration

Bedroom design window

Colorful, enchanting and daring - that's the Moroccan spirit

Bedroom design modern pastels lamps relief

Here is an example of a Moroccan bedroom within a half-timbered house

Bedroom design white magenta white wooden beams

You can mix different styles with the Moroccan style to create a unique and multi-layered bedroom. Morocco brings powerful colors and bold patterns that blend in perfectly with the shape of a four-poster bed. You can also achieve the complete opposite by simply removing all daring colors. The image can be complemented by multiple mirrors and mixed with a bohemian Hollywood mood.

Encircling, pampering, luxury are the keywords in Morocco design

Bedroom design red purple

A color palette like from a Moroccan Spices Market

Bedroom design morocco spices

Depending on your preferences, you can also mix the style with South Asian

Bedroom design morocco overlay dark wood straw

The main role of the bed

When it comes to bedroom design, many of us forget that after all, everything just turns around the bed. In the design of the bedroom (no matter which design you choose), you should emphasize the importance of the bed and turn it into a distinctive centerpiece of the bedroom. Moroccan details and ornate pieces of furniture make this task even easier. Apart from the canopy bed you can opt for ornate headboards.

Without window grille and duvet this room would not have an exotic touch

Bedroom design wood purple

 Pillows, colors, curtains - the more, the richer

Bedroom design morocco overlay

After all, your bed will be a sensation if you also set the right light accents.

Finding Moroccan furnishings and accessories is easy. No matter what you want to create a Moroccan mood, you get a sunny result.

Try some of these ideas and you will soon be guaranteed to immerse yourself in the vibrant beauty of the Moroccan world.


Despite the overload, the Moroccan bedrooms are spacious and orderly

Bedroom design brown mirror

Sometimes the patterns simply give a very special atmosphere to the room

Bedroom design bright morocco mix sofa bed

In this four-poster bed you would feel like a ruler!

Bedroom design four-poster colorful lights

Be bold and generous and take plenty of rich colors!


Bedroom design industry carpet morocco olive green purple

If you want the bed to be the center of focus, create contrasts!

Bedroom design modern tapette blanket

To create the right effect of the colors, consider the lighting conditions

Bedroom design red petrol green

Bring North Africa, Japan and the North Pole under one roof - why not?

Bedroom design red petrol headboard carpet

Spanish wall and Moroccan lamps - for the imagination there are no limits

Bedroom design red petrol white wall

Even if you keep the room completely white, the ornaments should not be confused

Bedroom design white

The Mediterranean breeze calms down a bit

Bedroom design white blue lantern

Magnificent, exciting, breathtaking - the interior design from Morocco is unforgettable

Bedroom design white blue white

Morocco elements let us be part of the 1001 night fairy tale

Bedroom design white Dachshrege

or would you prefer to be a sophisticated Hollywood star?

Bedroom design white mirror pink tiger

Bedroom design petrol red orange