Wrought iron beds for a Mediterranean flair in the bedroom

wrought iron bed design floral tendril caporali

Romantic sleeping comfort made of wrought iron

Did you think that iron beds look cold and neutral? Then you should think it over again. Wrought iron bed frames actually look very classy and classy. They exude a sensual romance and through the clever manual work and the special finish, you can get yourself a very special unique.

Normally the frames are suitable for all mattress systems, slatted frames and even for waterbeds. This allows you to freely choose your sleeping comfort. Whether you choose a box spring, an orthopedic bed with adjustable slatted base, a spring base or a Visco foam mattress, you will not regret it.

The sexy anemone of idfdesign.com

wrought iron bed anemone model idfdesign com

Wrought iron beds come in all sorts of furnishing styles and colors - black, white, silver, gold, copper, brass and many others. Whether it's a double, a single or a cot, you can find the design that fits in perfectly with your bedroom furniture. An iron bed is not just a simple piece of furniture. In earlier times it was a very special piece of jewelry. It is believed that the first metal beds were made with the development of blacksmithing in France. At that time these were a privilege for kings and nobles. The iron bed has begun its triumphant march across Europe and never stops admiring us all. These types of beds stand for art and romance like no other until now. They can be richly decorated, or look quite simple and quaint. In the different eras, the iron beds have changed and you will find today a diverse variety of designs.

A gem of the Neo-Baroque in your own bedroom

wrought iron bed silver baroque style elegant

 A chic wrought iron bed is also very stylishly combined with other iron furniture. But it looks just as noble with furniture and home accessories made of other materials. Depending on which furnishing style, which country or culture you are on, you can choose the right model for your bedroom. It is true that an iron bed reminds us of the south - the warm summer nights in Spain, Italy or France. No less popular are the English and Scandinavian metal beds, which fascinate with robustness and simple elegance.

So, drop yourself into a beautiful iron bed that will give you royal sleep, sensual romance and Mediterranean dreams.

Do you like the art of calligraphy?

wrought iron bed abstract curved lines calligraphy

The magnificent Azzurra bed by idfdesign.com

wrought iron bed azzurra idfdesign com

Elegant design from lvluxhome.com

wrought iron bed design elegant lvluxhome com

Modern interpretation with style

wrought iron bed design black scroll ornament modern lvluxhome

Fairytale and dignified of Infabbrica ethos

wrought iron bed design dreamlike decoist infabbrica ethos

Romantic bed Venezia from Hasena

wrought iron bed elegant design black bedside venezia hasena

Majestic with curved tendril ornaments

wrought iron bed curved ornaments tendrils

Colonial luxury in gold gloss

wrought iron bed gold colonial style luxury

Royal sophistication of wood and steel

wrought iron bed classic royal leather cover

Wrought iron loves white linen

wrought iron bed plain iron canopy

Classic and masculine in black

wrought iron bed black frame curved lines ornaments

If you like vintage and shabby chic

wrought iron bed white frame headboard foot part vintage style

The elegant Lurano of Hasena

wrought iron bed waves ornaments lurano hasena

Simple elegance in the English style

wrought iron vintage design bed black lacquer