Cool practical sofa beds offer comfort and functionality

cool practical sofa bed small apartments modern

Cool practical sofa beds provide comfort and functionality for small apartments

When you think of folding beds, do you imagine rusty frames and loud opening options in a filthy hotel?

These were probably the folding beds in the past, but the models of today are both stylish and functional!

For people who live in small spaces, the folding bed can be a great solution in the interior. The room can be used for two purposes. For example, the office can be converted into a bedroom thanks to a folding bed.

As today's article will show, folding beds are also a wonderful option for children. For the little ones who share a room, the table can be transformed into bed with a few simple movements. Even an only child can benefit from the folding bed, especially when a friend sleeps at home. Take a look at the pictures below and see how practical furniture has taken chic forms in recent years.

Large folding double beds

cool practical sofa bed small apartments bedroom design

If you think the folding beds are too tight and crowded, think again. Actually, these models are available in different sizes and you also have the double bed as an option. In addition, the models presented today make it possible for these pieces of furniture to match the ambience whose design is made of wood. Visible in the picture below.

Original idea for modern small apartments attached

cool practical sofa bed small apartments living room

Is this a bedroom or a living room? You decide it yourself! The next example shows a seating area that can easily take a bed. It will not be difficult for the bed to match the color palette of the room! [by Crisp Architects]

Big blue built-in wardrobes

cool practical sofa bed small flats wardrobe built-in blue

Sometimes the foldaway bed is part of a multi-function system. Look down at the New York living room downstairs, which can easily be turned into a blue "unfoldable apartment". We start with a door that, when opened, shows a hidden bed and built-in shelf. [from Normal Projects]

Do you see this black rectangle on the closed door down there? It widens to a table! In addition, there is a shelf on the other side of this structure. As a result, this room serves partly as an office, partly as a living room and partly as a bedroom.

Contemporary, white decor

cool practical sofa bed small flats folding table white

The next room displayed is at the same time a classroom with stylish functionality. Slim white drawers and tables create a lot of free space. [from General Assembly]

Soft bed design

cool practical sofa bed small flats double bed

Take a closer look and see how the folding beds transform this room into a comfortable place to rest and entertain ...

Minimalist bedroom furnishings - fold-away beds

cool practical pull-out beds small apartments mural

Murphy is a company that has received recognition for its folding design. The folding bed of this company below shows us that once you have folded down the bed, there is a lot of free space left on the walls. There you can exhibit tricks. Take advantage of this creative opportunity! [by Murphy]

Factual wood cabinets

cool practical sofa bed small flats built-in wood closet

Once the bed has been opened, a wooden shelf system with clean lines is available! (with the look of a wooden base cabinet)!

Folding beds for one person

cool practical sofa bed small flats bench mattress

Not all folding beds are for two people! Actually, the single bed can be spread horizontally leaving much more free space around it. Watch as the foldaway bed provides extra sleeping space downstairs without hindering the passage in the room! [from Designer Pages]

Green fresh ambience in the improvised bedroom

cool practical sofa bed small flats green walls

Some compact folding beds have been housed in a shelving system, allowing the opening of a display area. Look at the great look that appears at the meeting of wood accents on green color and decoration. [by Lake Country Builders]

Even more amazing, innovative ideas for you

cool practical sofa bed small flats homeoffice

The folding beds are an ideal solution for offices that also serve as guest rooms. Do you work from home during the day? House guests at night. With the bright white construction (as shown below), the style triumphs! [by The Interior Place]

cool practical sofa bed small flats trundle bed

In the next picture we see the same room that was transformed with the help of the folding bed technology and the eye-catching bedding.

Folding beds for the nursery

cool practical sofa bed small flats trundle bed wood

Whether your children share a room, or whether your little one wants to invite a friend to stay at home, the folding bed is a very good option. At the next one-time setup, extending your living space will be just as easy as installing one item for a clean, everyday look! [from Room & Board]

Can you think of another creative alternative? What do you think about the conversion from a table to bed! In the next room, two concealable beds double the fun! [by Houzz]

cool practical sofa bed small flats colorful colors

Below we get another view of the room! With the beds folded, there is plenty of room for work and ample storage space!

Purple and green are the colors chosen in one of the next rooms! In the first photo we see a folding bed, which was already unfolded for the nightly rest.

cool practical sofa bed small flats zebra pattern

The nearby table is a perfect work and learning place. 

cool practical sofa bed small flats pastel colors cool practical sofa bed small flats playful design

In the second photo, the table is lifted and another bed is pulled down to accommodate a guest.

cool practical sofa bed small flats desk

In the third photo, the two beds are raised to increase the space. Look at the organic frames on the back of the cabinet.

cool practical sofa bed small apartments orange furnishing

We conclude with the Altea Relax system from Clei. Orange is the dominant color, while accent colors such as black and gray add small contrasting accents. As you can see, low floor space has become a real temptation through the folding bed technology for design enthusiasts of all ages!

cool practical sofa bed small flats soft carpet