Non-woven wallpapers – worth knowing, pros and cons

non-woven wallpaper fine pattern barcelona armchair

Metal, paper or non-woven wallpaper? ... Make a final decision now!

Someone offered you paper or non-woven wallpaper and you can not decide what would be best for you? Hm, to live in the modern world, it has advantages and disadvantages. You have a very large selection of wallpapers, but at the same time it is very difficult to find the right variant for yourself.

Today we want to focus on the properties of metal, paper and non - woven wallpaper.

If you have to choose between different solutions, such as paper and non-woven wallpapers, then you should make the selection in accordance with your interior design. We suggest that you ask the right questions. Then it will probably be easier for you to choose the right variant for your case.

Oversized grass as non-woven wallpaper

non-woven wallpapers office green grass

The right questions regarding the decision between metal, paper and non-woven wallpaper

Before you decide whether you need metal, paper or non-woven wallpaper, you should ask yourself some basic questions.

Which texture would be the right one for the selected room?

Take a look around, or think more carefully about the overall plan for the equipment of your apartment. What is the floor, what are the curtains, how is the ceiling ...

Cozy sitting area with Asian flair

non-woven wallpaper bamboo straws black white

Do you need a better insulation in the house?

It is probably very obvious that the metal and non-woven wallpaper can offer a much better insulation than paper. Therefore, if in doubt, you should use this criterion in the final decision.

Do you have a lot of moisture?

If you are challenged to fight the dampness in the house, then the non-woven wallpaper is clearly the much better choice. This will allow the wall to breathe much better at home. Their base is also much stronger. In practical terms, this means that you can remove and replace the nonwoven wallpapers much more often. You will also consume a fairly small amount of adhesive.

Mysterious birch forest in black and white

non-woven wallpaper birch trees living room

Combine paper, metal and non-woven wallpapers on the same wall

Would you like to combine different colors and textures on the same wall? Feel free, but note the specificities just mentioned. Not only the aesthetic appearance, but also the practical aspects should be included in this design. Specifically, we believe that it is best to apply the non-woven wallpapers to the zones where more moisture accumulates and better insulation from the benefits.

Romantic castle atmosphere in the living room

non-woven wallpaper decorative ornaments

Non-woven wallpaper - a sign of high style

The non-woven wallpapers are mostly created from high-quality and modern fabrics. So, if you want to achieve an upscale look in your room, then these would be a perfectly fitting option.

The non-woven wallpapers are also able to imitate many different textures. The end result looks much more realistic than many other alternatives.

Unfortunately, the non-woven wallpapers are a bit more demanding, even in the bad sense of the word. In concrete terms, these are not very easy to clean. They should therefore be used in more representative rooms rather than in kitchens and children's rooms. This is easy to exchange. Also from small pieces.

Portobello non-woven wallpaper in warm shades

  non-woven wallpaper colorful fragments of portobello

A perfect natural stone wall imitation

non-woven wallpaper decorative stone wall wallpaper

Shabby chic with non-woven wallpapers

non-woven wallpaper decorative wall tiles shabby chic

Chic girl's room with funny frogs

non-woven wallpaper frogs nursery wall design

Tiny ballerinas on the walls

non-woven wallpaper nursery light blue ballerinas

Glamor and luxury in the living room

non-woven wallpaper luxury pattern classic chandelier

Gears and lanterns

non-woven wallpaper mechenische pattern windlichter

Gilded wall tiles imitation

non-woven wallpaper metallic gloss coriolis

Modern rock collage

non-woven wallpapers modern collage stripes

Pastel retro pattern

non-woven wallpaper pastel colors retro pattern

Filigree tendril pattern in the bedroom

non-woven wallpaper tendril gold mona lisa

Beautiful roses in pastel

non-woven wallpaper roses pattern romantic glamor

Meaningful flowers in black and white

non-woven wallpaper black white flowers

Traditional with apple green stripes

non-woven wallpaper traditionally striped green