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DIY rugs and floor mats exotic

15 DIY carpets that will spice up your interior design

I can hardly imagine that anyone would underestimate the importance of carpets for our home furnishings. In addition to the aesthetic, they have so many practical properties that are of primary importance. You can dry your feet there, or remove the sand in them.

In all cases it is worth having as many carpets as possible at home. Today, it's about giving you some ideas on how to design your own carpets. You do not have to do everything from the beginning. Sometimes you could spice up an already existing piece. So it may be better than before to match your style in the room. Are you ready for DIY carpet design?

Handmade carpet with felting - DIY carpets and doormats

DIY rugs and floor mats coffee table living room

You have two variants in this case. You can make the carpet completely from felting. Is that too much effort for you? If so, you could alternatively tie the existing pieces together by felting.

Crazy Pom Pom carpet

DIY carpets and floor mats colorful parts

So many Pom Poms have been brought together here and as a result, this super great work was created.

Carpet made of fur sheepskins

DIY carpets and doormats hide gray clouds

 Do you have a boring baby or nursery? Cut off a few pieces of fur and create a rug like this one.

Carpet with zebra prints in metallic

DIY carpets and doormats zebra stripes brown

That looks great, right? Made of fabric, this rug will be great here to spice up the look of your home.

Braided doormat

DIY carpets and floor mats white bathroom

Create a nautical touch in your home through such a doormat.

rope swirl

DIY rugs and doormats carpet runner

 Is not that cute? All you need is cardboard, ropes and a lot of creativity of course.

 Then you will create such a carpet.

 Chevron carpet with the friendship ribbon technique

DIY carpets and doormats stripes colorful

Do you want to create a great carpet like this one here? If so, then you prefer to use a technique like this one.

DIY Hacketeppich

DIY carpets and floor mats brown flooring

This rug looks nice, right? Look at that and maybe you will start doing one right away!

Patterned Moroccan carpet

DIY carpets and floor mats blue white

Enjoy yourself with stencil prints like this one! Also try different patterns.

Woven rag rugs

DIY rugs and doormats colorful knitted

From clothes that you no longer use, you can create such wonderful carpets. They are beautiful and not that hard to do.

Make your own braided rugs

DIY rugs and floor mats exotic

Braided carpets are easy to create. You just have to plan a few strategic steps: braiding, gluing, sewing a bit and Voila!

Converting a tablecloth into a rug Do you have a tablecloth that you almost never use?

DIY carpets and floor mats white black round

You can turn these into a rug by taking a few simple steps.

Doormat made of wine corks

DIY carpets and floor mats wood bathroom

Do you collect corks? Then you can create a cork mat like this.

DIY wood grain carpet

DIY carpets doormats fabric bathroom

 Spice up a carpet with a great design. How great the result can be, you can see from this example here.

DIY chevron carpet

Carpets doormats stripes chavron

 Chevron patterns are really cute. But if you can not find any on the market, you can make some yourself.

Dull floors are no longer an issue. But our DIY carpets need to be designed to fit well with our homes.

Would one of these variants also be possible and feasible for you?

instruction rugs round colorful idea diy blue-green shoes DIY rugs and floor mats

Chavron carpet

wooden dining table bottles glass shelves chavron pattern carpet


blue round diy rugs mats elegant

Homemade doormat

colorful diy rugs floor mats colorful blue green

Colorful and rich in shapes and figures

DIY carpets and floor mats playful soft

    Colorful doormat

DIY carpets and floor mats tile floor colorful parts

Little doormats like gray clouds     DIY carpets and doormats hide gray clouds

DIY Chavron in front of the front door   DIY carpets floor wood plates doormats stripes colorful

Interwoven fabrics - mat in front of the bathroom

   DIY carpets and floor mats white bathroom

   Little child in the countryside

doormats baby nature meadows self-sew

A piece of nature

floor mats boulders idea nature bathroom

Another DIY project

doormat soft diy craft ideas

Wrapped rope

wrapped rope carpets round diy

Instructions in pictures

Guide DIY Homemade Carpets Mats

Round carpet in purple

purple round carpet ideas diy

Knitted and rustic

mandala floor carpet round knitted purple

Knit round doormat yourself

knitted carpets, floor mats, ideas

Soft, colorful and functional

steps instructions doormats themselves

Practically tinker

homemade embroidered carpet round