Vinyl or laminate? – Which flooring should I choose?

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Find out if vinyl or laminate would be more suitable for you


Are you considering vinyl and laminate for your home? You know that both solutions have many advantages. Do you find it difficult to choose one of them? The truth is that the right decision can be made on the basis of personal needs.

Below are some typical questions. The answers lead you to the right decision.

Laminate or vinyl flooring - What are the benefits of both floor coverings?

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Wood and wood imitations 

Vinyl Laminate Laying Wooden Floor Steps Wood Blocks

The warm look of the wood look

vinyl laminate self-adhesive flooring wood imitation

What do vinyl and laminate actually represent?

Vinyl has been on the market for about 15-20 years. After that, it was forced back through the laminate. This showed many advantages such as better appearance and a longer lasting character. Due to the new technologies, the production of the vinyl developed further. Now this material is competitive in the market.

Vinyl - different patterns

Vinyl flooring wood imitation different patterns

Laminate is the main choice in modern homes. The main reason for this is above all the following: This is the first, really authentic-looking wood imitation on the market. Laminate is most commonly used in kitchens.

Laminate with click system

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Vinyl in the bathroom    

For the bathroom equipment we would recommend vinyl. It costs less and the installation is pretty easy. You can also do this yourself. The most decided factor is water resistance. This is very good for vinyl flooring. That is why vinyl is also common in bathrooms in luxury homes.

Vinyl, self-adhesive and easy to install

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The same benefits apply to the kitchen. For this reason, vinyl is also quite suitable here. Laminate is preferred in the kitchen because of the more comfortable atmosphere it provides. However, there is a risk that it swells in certain humid areas.

Laminate floor in the wood kitchen

vinyl laminate self-adhesive wooden floor wood kitchen wood furniture

Energy costs in winter

The insulating ability of laminate and vinyl is about the same. So feel free to do that aspect of selection.


Vinyl flooring is clearly thinner than laminate. This is crucial if you decide between both options with regard to noise reduction.

Rustic living room

Laminate flooring flooring wooden floor

Appearance and purchase value

Until a few years ago, the vinyl floor has always reduced the price of apartments. That changed slowly. Still, however, the laminate floor is considered the nobler solution. In apartments that are for sale at high prices, vinyl may be in the bathroom at most.

Laminate flooring is often preferred because of its noble look

click laminate lay flooring wood dining room

Laying laminate - even beginners get along with it

click laminate lay flooring wood imitation

Simple click system

click laminate lay mechanism flooring wood

moisture resistance

Vinyl is practically unbeatable in terms of moisture resistance. Laminate does not bring this advantage. Vinyl is also waterproof. It is almost the only flooring that has both these properties at the same time.

However, laminate can be provided with certain finishes and colors that also make it resistant.

Vinyl is coated very well waterproof

vinyl laminate lay flooring wood kitchen


Vinyl is installed directly on concrete or the subfloor. It is so cold and that is quite unpleasant, especially in winter. For more comfort you have to put rubber or polyurethane foam in between.

Laminate floor for more comfort and warmth in the winter time

click laminate lay living room flooring wood grain

Laminate is thicker than vinyl and has a certain content of wood. Running on it is more comfortable and warmer. Even with vinyl you have to underlay foam layers. That makes it even more comfortable.

Create a homely atmosphere

vinyl laminate laying living room floor

Which is the "greener" solution

Modern house owners always ask themselves which of the two solutions is more environmentally friendly. For a long time, vinyl was considered a very bad option. However, modern manufacturers have greatly reduced emissions.

Laminate consumes wood resources. If you pay attention to environmental friendliness, you should opt for waste wood production.

The benefits of wood look are easy to find

vinyl laminate self-adhesive flooring wood

vinyl laminate lay flooring wood imitation

vinyl laminate laying flooring mimic wood

vinyl laminate laying children's room floor

vinyl laminate lay flooring kitchen floor