Luxury doghouse designs – pet friendly and practical

luxury doghouse designs modern geometric shapes white redThe most modern luxury doghouse designs

Everyone knows that man's best friend is the dog! And he needs his own place where he feels comfortable. Nowadays, when it's quite normal to make kennels, we make them look simple and simple. Mostly we make them from existing materials. But the biggest dog lovers take care of every detail and every little thing when they buy a doghouse or do it themselves.

And we all know that every dog ​​deserves it. The kennels are created with different shapes and shapes and a unique design. A snow house for example, such a creative idea for a doghouse, do you mean that? Or a house on two floors for two dogs. This could be a beautiful DIY project. To make such houses, like the one shown here, one should think very cleverly and creatively and dispose of many tools. Otherwise leave this work for the professionals and just buy one. Most of the designs that we present here are, of course, ready bought. Anyway, enjoy our photo gallery and get ideas for your projects!

Plastic doghouse in orange

luxury doghouse designs large plastic staircase

This cabin does not look very elegant, but nevertheless it offers plenty of space for your dog

Luxury doghouse designs large extensively fence

Striking doghouse by designer William Peterson 

Kennel designs great william peterson

Pink doghouse like a castle with funny design

Kennel Designs Compact Pink Royal

Simple construction as a doghouse

luxury doghouse designs compactly functional

The doghouse at yours in the bedroom

Doghouse Designs Compact Flat

These two have a whole garden on the roof

Doghouse designs with a garden on the roof Dog house designs modern floor houseParis Hilton's doghouse  Doghouse designs paris hilton fence garden

Soft pink hut for your bitch

Kennel Designs pink girl velvet surface

This cottage resembles a real house

luxury doghouse designs red black original sleep

Snow house as a doghouse

Luxury doghouse designs snow house practically outside

Two-story doghouse

luxury dog ​​house designs homemade original handy

Decorative tower for your favorite

luxury doghouse designs tower original fairytale