Dog bed designs: what do dogs find comfortable?

Dog bed yourself build DIY projects ideas examples

Chic dog beds are trendy


Not only the domestic cat likes to sleep in a cuddly bed. This also applies to the best friend of man. Dogs also need a cozy bed, where they can rest and recharge their batteries. That's why we decided to create a parallel picture gallery presenting great dog bed designs.

So love dog friends, scroll down and let yourself be inspired.

Sleep like in the 7th Heaven: the perfect dog bed for your favorite animal

Dog bed self build designer ideas pink pillow

When dog bed design should be considered for the dog breed. For example, a Chihuahua needs a much smaller bed than a Dalmatian. Logically, right?

Otherwise, the same principle applies as with the cat beds: the softer and cuddly, the better! In this regard, plush fabric floor cushions are an apt decision.

Dog bed for two greyhounds

Dog bed itself build pillows fluffy with blanket

The sweet pug has a bed in Asian style

Dog bed itself build designer ideas

The dog bed can also fit in your bedroom

Dog bed DIY build DIY drawer pillow bedroom

 A chic old drawer for the brave Oscar

bed itself build drawer cabinet for oskar

 Express your love for your puppy! It is never too much

Dog bed itself build chic kitchig blue

 Cozy corner designed only for dogs

bed itself build cushions cozy corner

 The pizza dog bed

bed itself build floor cushions pizza pattern

In the summer we all like to spend a lot of time outside. So it is with the dogs. Consider the idea of ​​positioning your dog's bed outdoors. Or, at best, build a new dog bed specifically for this purpose. For this you can use an old drawer or a wooden box. For upholstery use a soft cushion. Your dog will be very happy about it.

Gizmo is happy about his pillow

Dog bed build DIY projects wooden box

 Add aristocratic accents

bed itself build a drawer with pillows

Soft padded for a real dog lady

use dog bed to build your own old drawer

Rattan furniture can be used as a dog bed

Dog bed build yourself outside rattan chair

Also equipped with sunscreen

Dog bed build yourself outside rattan armchair with sunscreen

Fall asleep immediately after the game

Dog bed itself build outdoor furniture for pets

Frame dog bedroom

bed itself build bed by the window with a view

Turn the wooden table over and turn it into a DIY dog bed

Dog bed itself build cauchtisch wood turn over

Four-poster bed for happy dogs

dogs bed build cauchtisch wood turn over bed

The table legs play the role of real bedposts

dogs bed build cauchtisch turn over pillows

Also with drawer underneath

Dogs Bed Build Your Own Bedside Table Turn Wood Over

Turn an old cupboard into a folding bed for the Dalmatian

Dog bed yourself build dalmatian drawer cabinet

Multifunctional and compact 

dog bed build your own drawer cabinet

Dogs also like to sleep with cuddly toys

Dog bed yourself build DIY ideas from old furniture

Cosiness for two

Dog bed build DIY projects Old furniture

Royal equipment

Dog bed yourself build DIY ideas chic details

Bunk bed for dwarf dogs

build dog bed yourself build stool

The three

Dogs bed itself build shelf floor cushions

Bed in the appropriate size

Dog bed yourself build wooden legs plate pillow

Outside in a wooden barrel

dogs bed build wooden barrel old

French influences

Dog bed build yourself in the French style

Dog in the suitcase

Dog bed yourself build pillow case suitcase

Do not forget the throw pillows

Dog bed yourself build old suitcase with pillows

 Round beds also for dogs

dogs beds themselves build pillows wood

First, the mattress should be tested

Dog bed yourself build a small mattress

So summer can already start, right?

Dog beds themselves build a drawer with pillows in the garden