In Love Animals – cute animals expressing your feelings

Loved animals see love swans swan

In Love Animals - cute animals expressing your feelings

If you own a pet, you have certainly noticed how it expresses its feelings. The animals reveal their true feelings of love. You can even feel their love through these pictures.

A study is presented at this year's Social Psychology Convention in New Orleans.

  The cuter we find the animals, the more we want to hug them. Researchers have developed the following theme - the more we like something or someone, the more aggressive we become. At the beginning of the study, 109 volunteers looked at various animal pictures. Some - cute, others - funny and third - neutral. When asked, "How do you feel these images?", The majority replied, "They are so cute that I would die," "They are so cute, I would cuddle these animals until they die."

A walk on the beach

In love animals walk beach penguins

A nap on the tree

In love animals monkey branch tree pictures

A flower for you!

Love animals flower for you mouse

Love knows no limits!

Animals elephant love knows no seal

A cheetah loving couple

Animals in love cheetah nature environment

Loved rabbits

Loved animals hare decorative rabbits

A loving doggie

Love animals puppy rose ties

A deer and a domestic cat in the countryside

Animals cat kangaroo pictures nature

Two little kittens in the game

In love animals cats baby play orange fur

Two busy-dough under the covers

Animals cats white gray deep eyes

Loving cats on the sofa

Animals cats at home neighborhood sofa

The domestic cat with the horse in the stable

Loved animals cat horse interesting Animals lamas pictures natureHorse love

In love animals horses wild nature

Beautiful flower for the lady

Animals beautiful flower sweet

Elegant cat dance

Animals see love cats pets   Dance with me!Animals dance with me mouse

Love is blind

Loved animals pigeons white sea beach