Fear of Cats: This is how you can overcome ailurophobia

Why do some people fear cats and how can they be overcome?


The phobia in front of dogs is somehow understandable. They can be really dangerous. But why should one be afraid of cats?

It is a fact that many people have to live with such pathological fear. In the following, we will look at some possible reasons for the emergence of such a condition. Furthermore, we are dealing with strategies for overcoming it.

How dangerous are cats?

Fear of Cats Pets Tips Dangerous Domestic Cats

There are several forms of fear of cats. Some are afraid that they will be bitten and scratched. Furthermore, there are many fears associated with superstition. So, some people panic because they believe that a black cat brings bad luck.

Interesting fact is that the phobia is spread to cats among very powerful personalities and dictators.

According to historical research, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Gaius Julius Caesar, Lawrenti Beria, Benito Mussolini and Alexander the Great all suffered from this.

What are you afraid of?

Fear of Cats Pets Tips Domestic cat or wild cat

The forms and levels of fear are different. Some people panic even if they see a cat. She might be gone, and yet her phobia is activated.

Other people are afraid of cats in specific situations. For example, you are reluctant to be in the same room with these animals.

The worst form is this one where you feel anxiety, even when you think of cats.

How could the fear of cats arise?

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The fear of cats can have originated in different concrete situations. They had a bite, got scratches or witnessed an attack. Maybe a cat jumped on your face? Such experiences are particularly traumatic at the age of six years. Then there is a good chance that it will lead to a permanent state of anxiety.

At this age the animals appear much larger and they can be perceived as real monsters.

Concrete Situations - Domestic cats become wild

Scared Of Cats Pets Tips Scratching

The parents themselves should not panic in such situations themselves. You should explain to the little ones that nothing so bad has happened. If you start to panic yourself and go to the doctor for no particular reason, you are giving your children the false impression that dogs are something very bad.

Superstitions and cats

Fear of cats overcome pets tips

It is unbelievable how much our superstitions influence us even in this modern age. The cats have long been compared to witches and other evil beings by the church. This still seems to affect many people and they exaggerate the potential consequences of meeting cats or developing a morbid fear of misfortune.

How can the problem be overcome?

Fear of Cats Pets Tips Domestic cat

How can we free ourselves from our fear of cats? For most people, it is not as difficult as it first appears. You absolutely must take the necessary steps to lead a normal life.

When is professional help needed?

Fear of Cats Pets Tips Professional Help

Nobody needs unnecessary additional restrictions in life!

Fearing Cats Pets Tips

The first step is to determine the timing and cause of anxiety. Was that in your childhood or later? Is your fear associated with a real dangerous situation or is it due to some superstition.

Then you should try, with the help of friends and acquaintances, to realistically assess the situations you are afraid of.

When are there any real reasons for panic and when are not there any?

Fear of cats pets and children

After overcoming everything at a logical level, you could move on to the next step, slowly overcoming the physical fear of cats. Start playing with quiet cats, caressing them. Get to know their reactions and try to deal with them. Never forget: you are the stronger side!

Get rid of the fear of cats

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