Halloween cake decoration – insane cake ideas

halloween food pastry pie cake sweet

The zombie cake pans could be among the perfect surprises on your festive table this Halloween. This Halloween cake deco is a wonderful addition to your party on festive friday.

Once you have selected the right items and details and have purchased or even sewn the costumes, it is time to prepare the food and the dishes.

Create playful or spooky ghosts and enjoy the cake with your friends.

Halloween cake decoration

halloween food pastry pie cake buh

 Use cooking colors to accentuate the Halloween effect. A great alternative are the horror faces make up or Halloween masks.

Below is our collection of zombie cake designs, served on a table decorated with glowing candles for a festive effect.

Decorated with many eyes

eat halloween pastry pie cake eyes

In the bathtub   eating halloween pastry pie cake

Dark night pictured

halloween food pastry pie cake bat moon

For the brave among you

halloween food pastry pie cake brain heart

Wrapped in branches

halloween food pastry cake creepy forest

Celebratory witch hat

halloween food pastry cake creepy forest

Deep scratch marks

halloween food pastry pie cake scratch

Multi-storey cake made of pumpkin shapes

Halloween pastry pie cake pumpkins

Factually the colors emphasize the festive feeling

halloween pastry pie cake gourds chocolate

Funny thought

Halloween food pastry pie cake purple night

Here you have set on the red glaze color

halloween pastry pie cake party

This cake can scare even the brave

Halloween food pastry cake cake skull

Spider web made of chocolate

halloween pastry pie cake spinning eyes

  As if this creature was hairy

halloween food pastry pie cake many eyes

This bride looks really disgusting

Halloween cake decoration blood bride

Absolutely crazy

Halloween cake decoration cut head

Zombie cake

Halloween cake decoration grab

Living Dead

Halloween cake deco graves

Completed with worms

Halloween decoration scary awful

 Hand cut 

Halloween cake decoration hand cut knife

Are you planning your wedding for Halloween?

Halloween cake decoration wedding cake

bad face

Halloween cake deco head dead

Would you really enjoy such a cake?

Halloween cake deco masks zombie

The next two examples we find the most repugnant

Halloween cake deco zombie Halloween cake deco zombie head