Halloween Outdoor Decoration – 20 spooky decorating ideas for your party

halloween decoration funny scarecrows and big gourds

Halloween outdoor decoration - how do you decorate creepy and chic at the same time?

Are you still thinking about frightening your guests with your Halloween outdoor decoration? Have you decorated everything perfectly or are you still missing some scary details on the stairs or in the garden? Here we have 20 fantastic deco ideas ready for you.

This will make your front door or porch an absolute eye-catcher.

Halloween Exterior Decoration - the main symbols and components:

  1. Spiders made of plastic, felt, balloons or carved
  2. Pumpkins as lanterns, as tombstones, as owls or scary characters
  3. Scarecrows as a funny addition
  4. Owls made of cardboard or pumpkins
  5. Autumn leaves, straw, twigs and decorative bats

 This spider bag will either scare your guests right away or they'll just be fascinated and slowly understand the trick behind this decoration. Although the spiders look like real, they are of course only ornamental insects, cleverly attached to the bag.

Inside there are also some spiders inserted to enhance the scary effect

Halloween decoration decoration bag with spiders

The next idea is very creative and original. Even if you can not get so many pumpkins, few are enough to achieve the same effect. Carve the pumpkins with grave inscriptions, as shown below, and place the alleged pumpkin gravestones in your garden.

If desired, you can also equip the gravestones with candles

halloween exterior decoration carved gourds as tombstones

These impressive black owls are made of cardboard. They are very easy to fix on both sides of the front door. You can dye a few branches in black and attach them under the figures and above the door.

The big owl eyes look scary and scary

halloween decoration black owls on the door

If you're focusing on a Halloween spidery decoration, you might as well find a great artificial spider in your party shop or make your own. Combined with the spider bag you saw above, this spooky spider will excite even more horror.

Usually you sell the decoration spiders with spider web, pay attention to it

halloween decoration decoration from deco spider

You can also easily carve spider motifs on dark green pumpkins

halloween cool outdoor decoration dark green gourds and carved spiders

If you do not want to decorate this scary year, then welcome your guests already at the stairs with something breathtakingly beautiful like these pumpkin lanterns.

Carved by hand, the pumpkin lanterns exude warmth

Halloween decoration on the outside of candle candles on the stairs

Spiders out of black balloons, why not?

halloween decoration decoration spinenfiguren aus ballons

It looks like the spiders are the top trend this year. Not only can you buy them, you can also make them yourself from all sorts of materials. Of course that does not mean that you only have to decorate on one side. On the contrary - let your imagination run free and customize your Halloween outdoor decoration with great creativity and fun!

Dry plants are not only suitable for Halloween, but also generally as an autumn decoration

halloween decoration black antique flower vase

Stacked pumpkins with carved visages

Halloween decoration decoration ghosts out of pumpkins

Make a small owl out of mini gourds, seeds and berries and place them in a tree hollow in the garden

halloween decoration sweet owl out of pumpkins

Just as well you can make mushrooms or snails out of pumpkins

Halloween decoration outside big mushrooms from pumpkins

Spooky pumpkin faces at night - spooky enough for you?

Halloween decoration decoration spooky pumpkin lanterns

Witches are a very popular theme for Halloween outdoor decoration

halloween exterior decoration witch broom on the entrance door

How about a garland of miniature pumpkins on the fence?

halloween decoration decoration mini gourds garland on fence

Or do you prefer big pumpkins full of mice?

halloween outdoor decoration gourds with decorative mice

Window silhouettes can be really scary

halloween exterior decoration ghostly window shadow

A funny scary family of pumpkins

Halloween decoration decoration pumpkin family

Trick or treating?

halloween outdoor decoration pumpkin as a stand for lollipops

Do you like owls?

halloween outdoor decoration witty pumpkin owls