50 atmospheric ideas for Santa Claus crafts

Nikolaus Basteln bastelideen christmas weihnachtsmuetzen

 For Nicholas Basteln as ever

Would you like to do something for St. Nicholas alone or together with your children? The ideas you find below have two things in common. First, they make something pretty practical out of the decoration for Nicholas and the advent season. At the same time, they combine many different functions.

How practical a single paper plate can be!

Santa Claus crafting christmas cake baking christmas four pictures chopsticks crafting christmas christmas tree made of paper plates

Furthermore, some of these ideas for Santa Claus crafts all the senses: they look good, taste or smell wonderful ...

Your festive arrangement can be quite edible

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas craft ideas christmas arrangement fondant

Crafts Santa Claus table decoration

Nicholas is a great occasion for gifts. But this festival also means much more to us. On this day families like to gather for a festive dinner at the table. Spice it up with a great decoration for Santa Claus. In most cases, it is sufficient to combine dishes in red and white.

Simple means you can conjure beautiful worlds

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas craft ideas christmas nikolaus figures

We are a bit jealous of the readers who can crouch and knit! 

christmas gifts tinker xmas christmas decorations made by yourselfThen you can decorate the dishes with real or decorative fir branches and acorns. Choose matching napkins. Choose fabrics in red and white or those with Christmas patterns. Spice up the decoration with scented candles with typical Christmas flavors!

This is how your banquet table could look like

Nikolaus Basteln make christmas deco ideas christmas

You can always score with homemade sweets

Nikolaus Basteln crafting christmas cupcakes

A Santa Claus costume as an original bag for your cutlery

make Christmas gifts cutlery cutlery

Make a Santa Claus out of old toilet paper rolls

Even when it comes to handicrafts for St. Nicholas Day, you must not forget the environmentally friendly aspect in any case. Finally, we celebrate the good in people at Christmas. The effort to protect our environment and protect our health is now part of it.

Create a festive mood for your children at breakfast

Nikolaus Basteln crafting christmas decoration

Gifts and joy do not always have to be associated with expensive purchases

Santa crafts making christmas pie baking christmas four pictures chopsticks

With a bit of color and color paper can be made from old toilet paper rolls wonderful Nicholas figures. If they are clever, they go everywhere. Be careful: Keep paper rolls as far away as possible from fire!

Toilet paper rolls can be awakened to new life

Nikolaus Basteln make christmas klopapier

Nicholas desserts and pies tinker

You can combine Santa Claus crafts with gastronomic preparation for the festival. Why do not you devote different desserts to this topic? It is quite easy to make figures out of strawberries. All you need is some cream and maybe some black peppercorns for the eyes and the nose.

Simple geometry - great results

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas craft christmas cards

There is only the danger that this kind of Nicholas Deko will not last long. It is just too delicious for that. In addition, these products only stay fresh longer in the fridge.

Nicholas crafts tinker christmas figures

Doing handicrafts make Christmas decorations yourself

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas bestecktasche

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas craft christmas backrest

Nicholas crafts tinker christmas little Nicholas

Make a cake with figures of Santa

Do you want to make a real party out of Nikolaus-Basteln? Then prepare your favorite cream cake with fruits! For decoration use strawberries and cream. With these products and maybe with a little bit of chocolate cream you can make great Santa figures.

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas cutlery wall knitting

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas deco ideas christmas homemade

christmas gifts crafting christmas umbrella crafting christmas napkin holder christmas fir tree felt

christmas gifts crafting christmas umbrella crafting christmas napkin holder

Nikolaus Basteln crafting christmas jute sack

Christmas gifts make napkins doilies

Nicholas from old boxes

Of the ice cream or other foods remain great plastic boxes left over. They're solid, they look good and it's kind of a shame to throw them away. These pieces, which are in white or red, can be used wonderfully for Nikolausbasteln.

Nikolaus Basteln tinker christmas craft ideas christmas nikolaus klein

Noble Santa Claus bags for the wine

Not only kids can get presents for Nicholas. Give your loved one a good wine. Offer this in a great cloth bag, which was decorated for Nicholas.

Santa Claus making Christmas decorations

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Nicholas crafts tinker Christmas baking Nicholas

Nativity tinker christmas tart baking christmas four pictures chopsticks tinker christmas xmas tree made of paper plate to cut out

scented candles

For St. Nicholas Day, you can also make your decoration from great candles. You can also choose these with different Christmas fragrances.

christmas tinker tinker tinsel christmas tinsel

Nikolaus Basteln crafts christmas out of the chimney

Nikolaus Basteln crafting christmas muffin

Nikolaus Basteln crafting christmas tinkers

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crochet Christmas crochet

Nicholas crafts tinker yellow Dutch

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making christmas gifts crafting christmas umbrella

Tinker nativity tinker christmas tart bake

make christmas presents

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