Make Valentine’s Day Gifts – 14 Original DIY Gift Ideas

valentine's day gifts make your own cake

Make Valentine's Day gifts yourself

If the saying The way to a man's heart goes through his stomach really, then you should rather look at these great 14 DIY ideas and make delicious Valentine's Day gifts yourself. You will certainly make your partner very happy. With little effort but with all your heart, you can prepare some nice surprises for the feast of love.

You can, for example, bake a cake and then decorate it with colorful sprinkles - of course in heart shape. It continues with hearts of all kinds. A heart made of felt, paper, dough or cream is definitely on Valentine's Day gift. It just has to be done with love. That looks and tastes. Think about what your beloved people like, what will be fun for them and start with your DIY project.

Red Heart and Valentine's Day Stickers transform a simple mug into a beautiful gift

valentine's day gifts make yourself mug with stickers

In the same way, a mason jar becomes a loving surprise that tastes like love

Make your own jar

Decorate goodies in glasses with love spells

valentine's day gifts make felt lettering

Decorate a chic storage jar with stickers

make your own glass jar

Prepare fortune cookies and decorate them with sugar pens 

valentine's day gifts make fortune cookies

Felt hearts can warm you up Glue gloves on or sew on

valentine's day gifts make gloves with hearts

Make elegant Valentine cards from wrapping paper

valentine's day gifts make yourself cards

little one Buy wooden figures from the craft shop and personalize them with colors and declarations of love

valentine's day gifts make little dolls

Out Matchboxes are beautiful candy cans

valentine's day gifts make little chocolates

  Pour your partner's favorite pudding into a jar and decorate with a heart of dough or chocolate 

valentine's day gifts make cake in glass

Mice bacon can be perfectly transformed into a delicious gift

valentine's day gifts make themselves delicious

Soap in heart shape with love spells

valentine's day gifts make themselves soaps

For a relaxed evening on TV for two

valentine's day gifts make sweet bags

 Valentines Day Gifts make themselves worthwhile in any case. Let your imagination run wild and create delicious and original surprises for your love.