60 extraordinary gifts for friends

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Funny, extraordinary gifts for friends

Are you still thinking about the many gift ideas that are in front of you? Maybe you do not know what gift you might choose for your best friend? Look no further - here we offer you unusual gift ideas, which are really delicious and tastefully devised.

The Schlemmer could be particularly interested in it, since all these are super delicious. They are brilliant for those of you who like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or in the restaurant.

Realistic looking, tasty appetizers

Gifts for men plastic food

Variety of designer products that make cooking and cooking easier. Turn the serving of food and drink into a funnier occupation. If you have other ideas on this topic, please let us know so we can include them in our photo gallery! Thanks in advance!

Sushi plate created with style

Exceptional gifts friends shark sushi

Umbrella in the form of a banana

funny gifts for men banana

This is also suitable for men

Gifts for friends banana umbrella

Pizza bedding

funny gifts for friends comforter

The breakfast still delicious and more amusing prepare

funny gifts for friends panda form

Gifts to eat extraordinary friends

Do you also love the pandas?

gifts for men panda bread

Even the cutlery could look a lot better

funny gifts for friends fork spoon

Everyday items in the form of food

funny gifts for friends hamburger

 Stapler in the form of sushi Gifts exceptional friends stationery

Exceptional gifts for friends sushi fish

Moneybags for children

Exceptional gifts for friends

Artificial food looks edible

Exceptional gifts for friends

Perfume your food

Gifts for friends Lemons

Perfume Gifts for friends to eat

Turn the meals into children's games

funny iphone apple gifts for friends

Cutting board with style

funny gifts for friends board

 Rolling pin with molds  funny gifts for friends wood

Jurassic Park Cookies

funny gifts for friends idea

gift ideas food food bread

Ketchup key chain

funny gifts for friends food

Great pandas from rice   Extraordinary gifts-for-friends-panda

Panda molds

Exceptional gifts for friends plastically    The cookies monster

Exceptional gifts for friends cup cookies Extraordinary gifts-for-friends-toll

Serve English breakfast in a fun way

eat food english breakfast

Modern gel nails

white gift ideas food food nails

Knitted winter bowl from Hamburgers

gift ideas-eat-food-ideas

... and cupcakes

gifts for men knitted scarf Crunch notebooks

gift ideas eat food cake

Lampshades waffle

gift ideas food lampshade

Flash memory like watermelon

gift ideas flash memory food food watermelon

Rock cooking glove

ideas crazy gifts cooking glove

Cuddly pillows like bitten cookies

ideas crazy gifts delicious

   Piece of wood in the form of a lemon 

funny gifts for men exotic

Laptop stuck with stickers

gifts for men pizza

Candy as a laptop glue

Exceptional gifts for friends sweet

Skull shape for boiled eggs

gifts for men skull shape

Enjoy boiled egg differently

gift ideas eat food eggs

"Tasty dreams!"

funny gifts for men sleeping bag

Sushi socks - gifts for girlfriends

funny gifts for men socks

Socks or sushi?

funny sushi gifts for men socks original

Pocket mirror for vain ladies

gift ideas eat food creative

funny gifts for men mirror

Moneybags for the students

Funny orange green pink gifts for men's colors

Necklace made like chocolate

Gifts for men. Piece of chocolate

A piece of cheese around your neck?

funny gifts for men necklace

Baked pretzel as a necklace

extraordinary gifts for men bread

Healthy food made of plastic

gifts for men themed

Tent shaped like a watermelon

gifts men girlfriend tent watermelon

Medical tape

crazy medical tape gifts bekon

Self-adhesive bandages

funny gifts for friends metal

This fish separates the egg whites and yolks

separate crazy eggs

Serve Sushi appetizers originally

crazy gifts fish japanese style

Air mattress in pretzel shape 

crazy gifts pastry swim

Sweet donuts

Exceptional gifts for friends swim

Tasty necklaces

crazy gifts necklaces colorful

These Oreo cookies are not real

Gifts for men plastic cake

Artificial cupcakes

crazy extraordinary gifts for friends laptop

Prepare hotdog

crazy gifts food toaster

Cut the pizza with scissors

crazy exceptional gifts for friends pizza ideas

Spoons shaped like candy canes

crazy extraordinary gifts for friends candy canes

Exceptional gifts for friends