Select unusual bedding according to the sign of the zodiac – Part 1

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Select unusual bedding according to the zodiac sign 


Do you have to choose new elegant bed linen? This is indeed a very good gift idea for good friends and family members. But did you know that you can also customize the selection of bedding according to your zodiac sign and star characteristic?

How both things are related, we explain in this article.

How should you choose a suitable bed linen

fancy bedding bicolor chevron pattern mint green white

Relaxing color nuances

blue linen light blue white elegant winter bedding

Blue linen with passle pattern

unusual linen light blue elegance and subtle

Matching bed linen for Capricorn

What you should NOT do is choose elegant bed linen in glaring nuances. Furthermore, abstract paintings are a very bad idea for the people of this zodiac sign. The bedding should not be colorful either.

Capricorn stands for neutral shades of color like gray

noticed linen gray pattern fabric bed sheet

The ibex feels good in classic and calm shades. He also loves the monochrome color palettes. The bed linen should only be in a shade. Here are also the most preferred shades: all dark shades, light yellow, gray blue, blue, black, dark green. Because of the zodiac element - Earth, ibexes prefers practical things. For that reason, a complete bedding set would be the most appropriate.

Bedding set in dark blue

Fancy Bedding Blue Winter Bedding Chevron Pattern

Brown and blue - an earthy color combination

fancy bed linen brown light blue two-tone

Luxury linen in beige

fancy bedding brown pillow cases

The simpler a thing, the more fitting it is for people of the ibex.

Simple linen sheets in gray and white

Fancy linen plain color bedroom accessories

Elegant bedding for shooters

The shooters are dynamic and always looking for new challenges people. Choose contrasting bedding for them. In this specific case, the bed cushions and the rest of the set can be in different nuances. Shooters continue to love the great paintings. You can even choose those that are a bit childish. Everything related to travel is also very appropriate.

Fancy bedding with the Eiffel Tower 

fancy bedding as a gift idea

Bedtime linen

fancy bedding good night pattern moon and stars

Bed linen for couples

fancy bedding gift ideas for him and her

The nuances that best suit the shooter are purple, purple, pink and blue. The balanced character is reflected in all blue shades.

Linen with geometric pattern in pastel colors

fancy bedding geometric pattern bed sheet

But since shooters love life at the same time and like to discover new things, combinations with bright shades might also be appropriate.

Original bedding pattern in purple


Scorpios love the provocation. To give them real pleasure, you need bed linen with an interesting pattern or something that really attracts attention. Furthermore, the mystical images are very suitable for people of this zodiac sign. Combination of red and black would be ideal.

Red in combination with other colors

fancy bedding blue red white stripes

The favorite shades of the scorpion are yellow, raspberry red, dark and bright red. So you want to stay in the red if you want to be on the safe side. Red in all its nuances corresponds to the energetic, independent and magnetic nature of this star sign. Yellow is still a true indicator of the strong communication skills of scorpions.

Energetic shades for the scorpion

pink bedding bicolored sheets

Orange sheets 

Luxury bedding orange patterned

It is very important to read in the bedding in an intimate context. This applies here as well as in all other areas of life.

Colorful bedding that looks harmonious and inviting

colorful bedding flowers non-iron bedroom ideas


Scales have a light character and a great sense of humor. You can easily put on a bedding set, which has a playful humorous character. Fine linens would be very suitable. Successful colors are pastel shades, green and turquoise. At the same time scales are very convertible in character. That's why you basically risk getting bored with something too fast. To avoid this, you should rather bet on something neutral. For sure, a Libra would like the elegant white satin bedding. That will match her demanding character. On the whole, the bed linen must give the scales the feeling of comfort.

Harmony reigns in the bedroom of the zodiac sign Libra

unusual linen blue white pattern basket

A successful color combination

fancy linen chevron pattern fancy linen chevron pattern beige white


Virgins are in love with nothing more than order. For this reason, the bedding set must not be too crowded with different, large patterns. Everything has to be clearly arranged, clear and understandable. Satin and other classic models would be hers most.

An "orderly" bedding pattern

Fancy linen simple geometric pattern gray white

Colors that the virgins particularly like are green, purple, light blue, white and anything that is not too bold. They love the comfort in purple and do not like that something disturbs their quiet sleep.

Purple is a suitable color

Fancy bedding purple white sheets

Women under this zodiac love animals and nature. They like bedding with such matching pictures. Men's virgins love bedding in one color, because this matches their addiction to order.

A proposal for the men virgins

two-tone bed linen black white elegant

Bright green represents nature

Fancy bedding maritime style white light green


Every lion loves the stately colors. These are e.g. Gold, black and purple. The chic sleep sets are particularly suitable for this zodiac sign. Lions find silk bedding very charming. They like to be the center of attention. That's why practically everything that is of high quality and costs a lot of money fits in with them. Instead of silk you can opt for satin. A sophisticated pattern would look great on it.

Silk bed linen in a delicate shade

Fancy linen plain color satin sheets peach color

Did not find your star sign in this article? You will learn about the preferences of all other zodiac signs in the continuation of the topic. We wish you a nice sleep soon!

Romantic ideas

exclusive bed linen dots pink white

Sleep like a princess!

exclusive bed linen orange pattern winter beddingexclusive bed linen without iron old rose bed sheet

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