Suits for the groom – current wedding fashion for men

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The suits for the groom - strict, retro, unusual


Yes, we are aware that we neglect the male part of our society again and again in the wedding theme. But we want to change that and immediately. We would like to prove this directly through today's article.

Suits Bridegroom - wedding fashion for men


wedding suit mens blue elegant suits groom

 Wedding suits for men in beige or brown

wedding fashion mens suits groom in gray or beige

Strong tendency to retro style

Did you know, at the moment there is a strong retro trend in wedding dresses as well? It has proved so popular that designers feel compelled to expand their boundaries.

If you've read our articles on interior design, then you've probably also noticed that there's an analogy to such trends ... Whatever the case ... we found it almost worth mentioning. But let us return to the main theme immediately, because there is much to say here.

The retro fashion is back in fashion

wedding suit mens retro bow tie suspenders suits groom

The term retro in the world of weddings refers to the 30s and 50s. Incidentally, the difference is not in the cut, but in the shoes.

Put emphasis on the shoes

wedding suit mens shoes suits groom

Brilliant appearance of the suits for the groom

Unique in this style is the advantage that the men in this case can pick the color here. Green, red, blue and brown are nuances to choose from. If you still like black best, you have the chance to lighten things up with a colorful accent. It can be the tie, scarf or wedding pin.

Insert color

wedding fashion mens colored accent suits groom

Classic in white

When it comes to the groom's suits, one can say that white is the new black among men. In the past, this nuance was mainly worn in the summer. But now a white suit is also chosen for many winter festivals. Contrast between the shirt and the tie are not only allowed, but they are more and more the rule.

Complete in white

wedding suit mens complete in white elegant suits groom

Simple and strict

How can one actually achieve so many changes that are so easily accepted? The secret is, the main thing, namely the line of suits for the groom, has remained the same. There, in principle, no major changes have been made there. On the contrary, this is only simpler and stricter than ever before.

Strict and impeccable

wedding suit mens tie color accent pink suits groom

The mafia style

That's a topic for the men. Maybe because it's so Italian. And in Italy everything is super elegant. The Mafia representatives insist on a flawless look. What is all this? These are radiant shirts, straight pants, matching ties. Oh, and hats are also included. Silk and velvet are more popular than ever for the fabrics here.

Like a boss

wedding suit mens wedding fashion mens suits groom

The figure emphasize

Especially at weddings, the tendency is strong to emphasize the figure of the groom by the suit. Matching suits are currently available in many specialty stores. However, make sure you look perfect in it. You should feel comfortable too.

Elegant and figure-hugging


wedding suit men figure emphasizing suits groom

 Tailored on the wedding day


wedding suit mens gray pink tie suits groom

The accessories

The ideal shoes are usually a few shades darker than the suit, preferably in a corresponding color. The natural fabrics and textures are very topical. The needle on the tie can be in vintage style. Wedding pins are of particular importance this season.

The correspondence of these with the bride's bouquet is out of date. Rather, they must be considered as separate accessories.

Chic men's accessories

wedding suit mens shoes accessories suits groom

Everything that we have enumerated in theory has no meaning if it does not fit or looks good. Some people are of a type that is better off the classic stuff. Also, it depends a lot on the location, whether something is suitable or not. Above all, make sure that everything looks good in combination. We wish you happy hours at your wedding party!

Everything in one style

wedding suit mens shoes retro accessories suits groom

 The shoes

wedding suit mens shoes black lacquer suits groom

 Loose and fashion conscious under the hood come

wedding suit mens blue tie stripe pattern oblique suits groom

 Men, show your personal style

wedding suit mens wedding fashion mens elegant suits groom

Classic elegance in black and white

wedding suit mens white elegant suits groom

With a bow tie or with a tie? That is the question

wedding suit mens white black bow tie elegant suits groom

The classic decision


wedding suit mens black bow tie elegant suits groom

The following variants are somewhat unconventional

 wedding suit mens blue tie suits groom

Blue tie with floral pattern

wedding suit mens blue tie flower pattern suit groom

Men's suits in trendy colorswedding suit mens wedding fashion mens colored suit groom

 Neutral in gray

wedding suit mens black elegant suit groom

Retro elegance from the 20s

wedding suit mens retro gray suit groom

Dress up for the fashion!

wedding fashion mens suit groom