40 tasty music pies for real music lovers and musicians

cute pies wedding birthday music cute pink

Do you enjoy listening to music and can you even play a musical instrument?

If you want to pleasantly surprise your birthday child and like to bake a cake, look at our appetizing ideas for tasty music pies. Great gift is that for music lovers and musicians like me, for example.

Most pies here are in the form of guitars, violins, drums, piano as well as sheet music, stages and DJ equipment.

These musical cake designs can serve as inspiration for you to show off your cooking skills. From musical instruments to music notes, all pieces are absolutely breathtaking.

Gorgeous music pies

cake pies music white brown piano stool

Perhaps it is much more difficult to decorate a cake original and splendid, than to prepare it delicious and fresh. Therefore, pay attention to all the details and read more cooking recipes for it. Take a look at the many music patterns and examples. Have lots of fun with it!

Cute headphones

cake pies music white brown piano

For those who play the guitar

birthday pies cake music songs guitar

Music notes and berries

birthday cake cake music song notes

play piano

birthday tarts cake music songs chocolate

Two-tier cake in blue    Delicious music pies blue guitar

Hard rock

Delicious pies colorful child music

Playful shapes for a 30-year-old birthday boy

Tasty music pies cool birthday


Delicious pies drums music

Masculine design

Delicious music pies freshly baked

Classic violin

Tasty music pies violin pink

Purple flowers and butterflies

Delicious music pies guitar white glaze

The perfect wedding cake

Delicious music pies wedding party

Purple and cute for girls

Delicious music pies purple glaze girl

Miniature piano

Delicious music pies multi-storey piano

Golden cooking color - appetizing muffins

Delicious music pies muffin

treble clef

Tasty music pies note stand

Choice cake

Delicious music pies piano red

Decorative cassette recorder

Delicious music pies radio cd

Silver microphone

Delicious pies sing music

The violin with the violin bow

Delicious pies viola music

Heart shaped music notes

Delicious music pies white muffins cream

DJ equipment

music cake designs birthday

Yellow treble clef

music cake designs yellow glaze

Black ball

music cake designs two-storey

Loving, artful cake

music lekcker cake homemade

Elegant birthday cake

music lekcker cakes sheet music

Colorful circles of different sizes

great pies wedding birthday music white glaze

Guns N Roses

great pies wedding birthday music band

Combination between violin and piano


Homemade cake


Small but exceptionally decorated


Several musical muffins

great-cakes-wedding-birthday-music-delicious muffins

In flames

great-cakes-wedding-birthday-music-orange guitar

Birthday cake for women


Aesthetic drums


Tortenetagere full of muffins


White, ornately decorated piano

great-cakes-wedding-birthday-music-and-white piano