Bridal bouquet Vintage 21 ideas inspired by tradition

As long as you can remember back in time, the flower bouquet is one of the main props of a bride. The bouquet is a natural bridal jewelry, which is considered the final touch of the outfit and completes the silhouette of the bride. The fresh and fragrant flowers further emphasize the solemnity of the occasion and support the splendor and beauty of the happy bride. In the different cultures, the bridal bouquet is given by the groom, sometimes by the bride's maid of honor, and this always happens on the day of the wedding ceremony. The throwing of the ostrich symbolizes the forwarding of the festive tradition and is also gladly held today. Today we stay traditional and deal with the theme of vintage bridal bouquet.

The bridal bouquet in a vintage look brings forgotten values ​​back to life

bouquet of vintage callas wild

Bridal jewelry and tradition

Each wedding tradition carries many old wisdom and symbols, which one likes to care for and pass on. Which flowers are preferred for bridal bouquets and how to interpret the language of the flowers correctly? What qualities make a bridal bouquet look vintage and can the tradition really be considered an inspiration?

We respond positively and let yourself be inspired and inspired by the classic pictures of the beautiful bridal bouquets.

bouquet of vintage waterfall

If you decide on the traditional or the classic and want to get a vintage touch, there is the possibility to choose fresh flowers according to the season or to orientate yourself to the classic bridal flowers.

bouquet vintage waterfall2

The bridal bouquet and the flower language

If we want to deal with the traditional, the mention of the flower symbolism would be appropriate here. We do not know where the interpretation of the floral language comes from. Nevertheless, the symbolism of certain flower species is interpreted the same all over the world.

bouquet of vintage lilies white

1. roses

The rose is rightly named as queen of all flowers. The noble fragrance enchants and rarely gets along with other flowers in a bouquet. Red roses stand for mature love and passion. The color pink is associated with innocence and youth and there are differences of opinion in white, because white roses are also brought to funerals.

bouquet of vintage roses

bouquet of vintage round bridal bouquet

bouquet vintage roses anemone bidermeier form3

 2. callas

Although callas were originally considered flowers of mourning, today they are considered the ultimate bridal bouquet flowers. This flower symbolizes the immortality of true love.

bouquet vintage callas maigloeckchen

bouquet vintage callas scepter

3. Hydrangea

The hydrangeas are a symbol of the healthy and proud self-perception of the bride. Gifting hydrangea may be considered admiration. White hydrangeas, just like white roses, could also be associated with grief.

bouquet vintage hydrangea white

bouquet vintage hydrangea blue

4. Gerbera

These flowers grow where the sun shines. The message conveyed by them is: "Through you everything will only be better". This makes the flower popular at weddings or other celebrations. Red gerberas reinforce meaning and enrich them with life force and love.

bouquet of vintage chrysanthemums

bouquet of vintage gerbera purple

bouquet vintage gerbera pink

5. Lily

The lily is one of the most popular summer flowers associated with light and lightheartedness. Warmth and joie de vivre are the emotions that symbolize the lilies. With honesty and confidence, the magnificent flowers are also associated.

bouquet vintage lilies orchids mix

bouquet of vintage lilies

6. Orchid

A vintage bridal bouquet may well consist of orchids. The flower symbolizes the admiration of unknown and exotic beauty. If you want orchids on your wedding day, it would be a good idea to consult with a florist. The orchids also stand for intelligence, because of the variety of orchid species and their adaptability.

bouquet vintage orchids2

bouquet of vintage orchids

7. Ranunculus

The Ranunkel resembles the peony and impresses with its magnificent and wild beauty. A bridal bouquet of ranunculus stands for the attractiveness and the attraction of the bride.

bouquet vintage ranunculus classic

bouquet vintage ranunculus

bouquet vintage bouquet 2

8. Gypsophila

You can always see this flower combined with others in a bouquet of flowers. She is responsible for the magical look of each bunch of flowers. Alone, she could seem too inconspicuous too quickly, unless your outfit requires exactly that. Gypsophila stands for the purity of the heart.

bouquet of vintage gypsophila focus

bouquet of vintage gypsophila

9. Lily of the valley

The lily of the valley bears the symbolism of good hope. The delicate flowers and their beguiling sweet fragrance perfectly complement the outfit of the bride in a retro look. Tenderness and pure love is the symbolism of the lily of the valley.

bouquet vintage maigloeckchen in context

bouquet vintage maigloeckchen in context2

bouquet vintage maigloeckchen

10. Marguerite

These and many similar flowers celebrate the light, the summer, the true friendship and love. The message of the flower is genuine and natural. As a bridal bouquet that can be combined with other flowers.

bouquet vintage margarite

bouquet of vintage margarites

11. Wicken

Many summer flowers represent the joy of the sun and nature and are therefore used as beautiful symbols of weddings. The flowers express the joy of the tender connection between the two lovers.

bouquet vintage wicken 3

bouquet vintage wicken 4

bouquet vintage wicken

12. Anemone

Although these flowers are rarely found as a main part of a bridal bouquet, they are one of the summer flowers associated with bliss. "Enchanted by your sweet scent" - is the message of this flower.

bouquet vintage anemone 3

bouquet of vintage anemone willow branches

13. Sunflower

The sunflower hardly needs to be introduced. It gathers sunshine all summer long and pleases our eyes by the sun yellow color. No flower can be more suitable for a late summer wedding, especially if its message says "I like you"!

bouquet of vintage sunflower

bouquet vintage sunflower3

14. Freesia

The freesias symbolize durability and longevity. The many buds of a single plant provide a long-lasting pleasure to the eye. Roses, gerberas and orchids are noble and exotic, but by choosing freesias you show real class.

bouquet of vintage freesia waterfall

bouquet of vintage freesias

bouquet vintage freesien2

15. Chrysanthemum

If you've always wanted a white wedding and you might even succeed this winter, there is no better flower choice than the chrysanthemum that starts to bloom in the fall. The flower stands for maturity and attachment readiness.

bouquet of vintage chrysantems

bouquet vintage chrysanthemum wedding flowers winter

bouquet vintage chrysanteme2

Bridal bouquet shapes

If you already know enough about the flower language and have a conversation with a florist, the following lines might also be helpful. The shape of the bridal bouquet should be a beneficial addition to the whole outfit. Further wedding ideas and bridal bouquet examples can be found in the following material.

bouquet vintage armstrauss3

1. Biedermeier ostrich

The round bridal bouquet or also known as Biedermeier, is considered the absolute classic at every wedding. Pretty, coquettish and compact, the bridal bouquet serves as a perfect bridal jewelry and can be thrown without difficulty into the group of unmarried women.

bouquet vintage chrysantemen3

2. Heart shape

Of course, the heart form stands for genuine romance and faith in love. Heart shaped red roses may be reminiscent of vintage style.

bouquet vintage heart shape

3.) Waterfall

Natural and playful is the waterfall shape of a bridal bouquet. Despite the natural appearance of the bouquet, the overall appearance of the bride looks regal and elegant

bouquet of vintage orchids mix

4th scepter

The choice of the shape of the bouquet depends on the overall silhouette of the bride. A simple dress, for example, is enhanced by the scepter form and makes the bride appear princess-like.

bouquet of vintage bridal bouquet scepter


5. Bouquet

Simple elegance, modesty and modesty - these are the terms that describe an arm-bouquet. Even though the bride wears a magnificent bridal bouquet, it is more likely to consider the way she is held. Timeless and feminine through and through.

bouquet vintage bouquet

6. Flower bag

The flower bag is the alternative to the classic bridal bouquet, the bag and bunch of flowers put together. This is also practical and elegant in the vintage style.

bouquet vintage sunflower bag

bouquet vintage title

bouquet vintage gypsophila summer idea