Wedding wishes: Practical tips and great examples

Do you have that too? When you were younger, it was much easier for you to come up with various great wedding wishes. Back then, the idea of ​​how exactly life should look was somehow more accurate. But now it is so that you want to be personal and original even with the growing age. Besides, it's not just age.

There is also a general trend in human relationships that makes things a bit more difficult. The trend is good in itself, but it makes it difficult for us to come up with something truly unique on special occasions.

One is much more open in everyday life. Through the many coaches in positive thinking and successful human relationships people speak much more openly in everyday life. Deeply analyzing behaviors is something that has already replaced small talk in many people. So we said everything!

When the special occasion comes, you really have to make an effort to come up with something original

wedding wishes box pearl shells

Personalize the wish

The first thing you have to do is to make the request more concrete. Refrain from all sorts of standards and stereotypes. Think of the dream the person shared with you. How does the couple imagine their lives? Did you say how many children and if they want many or maybe one?

Did they say how they imagine their dream home? If they have revealed themselves in this regard, then you could certainly make something more out of it.

Wedding wishes in the glass

wedding wishes glass transparent

Think about a future situation and describe it on a map with a great background. In this way, your wedding wish will be truly unique and personal. In addition, you help the couple to personalize their ideas. According to coaches and psychologists, they help make them come true.

Many wedding wishes in the form of hearts

wedding wishes box of wood hearts

Puristically smart idea for the wedding wishes

wedding wishes bottles

Surprise your loved ones with a self-made photo album

wedding wishes wedding card

Wedding wishes can be funny

If you already had a lot of serious conversations with the couple anyway, then maybe you could help the future husband and wife in a different way. Do you both have a sense of humor? Has this been tested in practice? Some people need to be informed in advance about the pain threshold. Because some people accept jokes and join in, in others, a joke could ruin a friendship. Funny wedding sayings should only be used if you know the bride and groom pretty well. So you avoid it, which spoil your mood on this great day.

Original and funny - wedding couple from clothespin

wedding wishes diy funny clothespin

Create a funny wedding card

wedding wishes diy birds

Sometimes less is more and unique

wedding wishes greeting card buttons

Two fingers are enough for a funny bridal couple

wedding wishes heart fly beads

Or you try a fish wedding couple

wedding wishes funny fish

Original wedding wishes

As we said at the beginning, it is quite difficult to be original about the wedding wishes. Because those are the times. One speaks so much. You want everyday so many things that you can hardly be original. But try this already. Nowadays you have the internet. Sit down and do some research. A great tip is to look for wedding wishes in many different languages. Because there are often many thoughts and wisdom that are not so well known in their own culture. They are still fitting, but also look super original.

Do not be afraid to use the Google Translator. Even if the translation of the wedding wishes is not perfect and super professional, you could get the sense or the idea together.

Or this could be the inspiration for your own wedding wishes that would emerge after a bit of transformation.

Give the bride and groom a flying lantern

wedding wishes flying lantern

Wedding wishes for a great trip during the honeymoon

wedding wishes honeymoon suitcase

A red heart from the hands of the best friends will be especially appreciated by the wedding couple

wedding wishes heart red nails

Wedding wishes in the form of symbols

If you do not have much to say or do not want to talk much, then the symbols for you could do the job. Again, we want to show you in this context a practice that is recommended by people with positive thinking. According to this, visualization plays a very strong and positive role.

Also choose cards that show a couple in full happiness

wedding wishes love bride groom

Do you know the bride and groom well? Do you dream that they will grow old together in a beautiful country house? Or maybe you see yourself together on a variety of great trips? Surely you will find suitable pictures on finished cards! Or maybe you could order one from a wedding or advertising agency! Enter the image you have in mind and they can already be the background for your wedding wishes.

You have to write a simple quote about it. That's for sure. But this can be really easy and not too expensive.

Because the picture speaks for itself!

wedding wishes funny buttons

Wedding wishes to be completed ...

Here is a special idea for you! Why do not you finish the wedding wishes for the next wedding days? Make it a game. You should open it in the following years and then confirm with a check mark that you are still happy to be with the appropriate person. Then on this card, which will be read in a few years, there should be great wedding wishes again. That's a brave solution! Do it only if you feel 100% that the couple get along well. There are these rare cases where you feel it. Then it is also worthwhile to do this. Just think of the great response that will come from happily married people at a golden wedding. Also think of the pride that this will bring to all concerned in the family.

Here you can see many variants of cards with wedding wishes

wedding wishes cards wishes

What conclusion can be made from the above? Yes, the wedding wishes are a demanding thing. Take your time and think longer about how they can look exactly. We have just shown you some ways to get great, original wedding wishes. But if you know the people well, then our tips are only a starting point. Because you can come up with many other successful approaches.

A lovingly crafted wedding card

wedding wishes album drawing

A wish tree for the future spouses

wedding wishes trees

Decorate the wedding card with colorful butterflies

wedding wishes colorful butterflies

A tandem for life

wedding wishes diy postcard

A gift basket with a photo of the bride and groom is always well received   

  wedding wishes gift basket

Simple but glamorous

wedding wishes glitter sequins

Of course, classic and purist is also possible

wedding wishes greeting card white

Freshen up a few branches with beautiful freesias

wedding wishes wedding tree

So the bride and groom can have many wishes free

wedding wishes wooden basket

Simple and petite

wedding wishes card

Minimalist but meaningful

wedding wishes card minimalistic

A bunch of beautiful wedding wishes for bride and groom

wedding wishes cards red ribbon

A love box full of wedding wishes

wedding wishes box

Love, Love, Love ...

wedding wishes pillow

From old buttons you can make a beautiful heart

wedding wishes buttons card

A simple wedding card can also mean a lot

wedding wishes minimalist original

Luxurious and classic with hearts and pearls

wedding wishes pearl hearts

Bake cookies in the form of heart with the names of the spouses

Wedding wishes cookies cook

The quilling technique is perfect for such a card

wedding wishes quilling birds

Rose petals are always in vogue

wedding wishes rose petals

Sophisticated wedding card

wedding wishes key

Draw a colorful greeting card yourself

paint wedding wishes yourself

On smooth, round stones can best wishes

Paint wedding wishes stones

A fancy idea with succulents

wedding wishes succulents

Sweet surprises as wedding wishes

wedding wishes sweets

Wish tree with glass beads

wedding wishes wedding tree

Wish stones with the most important wedding wishes

wedding wishes wishing stones

Wedding wishes wedding rings