Stylish wedding decor trends inspired by the summer

The new wedding season has already started. Soon the summer officially starts. Marrying outdoors is therefore becoming more and more popular. You look around for the newly created ideas last summer. Which wedding decoration trends were very popular, which are experiencing a comeback and which ones are brand new? Here are a few important wedding celebrations for you. Stay with us and find out more ...

Candles play an increasingly important role

The candles are always important for the wedding decoration. Why? They provide a variety of effects and somehow never lose their natural radiance. Both her shimmer and her fragrance blur the boundaries of time and space and make us feel magical. So the mood at the wedding party becomes more romantic and mystical.

Because any wedding should have something of a dream, right?

wedding decoration trends summer table decoration wind lights glass

The lanterns

Many innovations in wedding decoration this season are associated with lighting. In addition to the candles, which ensure a ravishing effect, lanterns are also becoming increasingly popular. They are also very universal for indoor and outdoor use.

Often there are also models, which are created from textile.

These are, of course, ignition-proof materials. The combination is fabulous and represents one of the most romantic tendencies one could find on the market right now.

Even round paper lanterns can look quite elegant

wedding decoration trends table decoration summer flowers glass bottles

About the roses and their leaves

Roses symbolize romance for ages. Her presence has always been considered a compliment to female beauty. They also come in this season often in the wedding decoration. It puts an emphasis on their natural charisma and brings their beautiful character to advantage. Roses are not just there to decorate in the form of bouquets, the bride and the wedding table. Rose petal rugs flanked many bridal couples the way to the altar.

Romantic Beach Wedding with stylish floral arrangements

Wedding decoration trends beach flower arrangement

DIY ideas with flowers

The DIY ideas are more and more present in our everyday life. They are also increasingly popular at weddings. Especially wedding decoration, which brings together glass and flowers, decorates many summer festivals. It suits the natural ambience with lots of greenery and wonderful plants especially well.

Strip for a better mood

Many of the wedding decoration trends we mentioned are modern, but somehow not brand new. It was only used more intensively this season. Incidentally, this summer is also characterized by the fact that much has been resumed in the decoration of previous years.

Delicate roses arranged in an original, unconventional way

Wedding Decor Trends Rosendeko Hanging

But what is new and fashionable is the use of stripes on shiny fabric, which corresponds to the bridal gown. With these stripes you hang about flowers at the wedding table or on bows.

Strips of cloth still decorate the chairs

wedding decoration trends chair hydrangea roses

The drapery and the fabrics from which they were created, but fall out this season, especially original. They are also often in harmony with the wedding dresses.

Colors that make weddings unconventional

There are also many colors that transform the wedding decoration into something unconventional. White is increasingly being pushed into the background. There is an important requirement that the selected nuances bring more glamor and splendor with it.

If you prefer glittering and glamor

wedding decoration trends tablecloth shiny gold

Tent - Romantic and practical

How official must a wedding be? Does she have to go outside or not? The last statement applies to many people who seek the proximity to nature. But when you're so dreamy, you should not forget that practical thinking can always be of use to you. A tent in the garden can combine the experience "under the sky" with the tranquility that a rainfall would not ruin everything.

Modern concepts allow the possibility of substances being absorbed completely or only partially

wedding decoration trends floral table decoration crystal chandelier

So on a too-hot day, you can actually get some shade. The officially dressed guests do not want to sweat in their seats, right?

Ingenious decoration idea with small, hanging glass bottles

Wedding decor trends flowers hanging glass bottles

On a white backdrop, the purple and pink flowers look even more meaningful

Wedding decor trends purple pink flowers roses

Simple ideas are sometimes the most unique

wedding decoration trends pink roses of course

Decorate metal arches with fresh flowers to your taste

Wedding Decorations Trends Roses Floral Decor

Stay stylish and of course with the sweets and of course the wedding cake

wedding decoration trends table decoration sweets wedding cake

Filigree origami birds decorate the centerpiece of the festive table decoration

wedding decoration trends summer

wedding decoration trends beach summer