Small bathroom tiles – light tiles will make your bathroom look bigger

small bathroom decorate bathroom tiles tile wall tiles green patchwork

Matching tiles for a small bathroom could do wonders in small rooms


Small rooms are wonderful. You can make them appear wider, brighter, cleaner, more transparent through various tricks. You can also spice it up with zest for life. Of course that will teach you to your good mood.

Then you feel like spending a lot of time there. So you will also feel like doing more creative solutions. So do not be afraid to use ideas in an unconventional way or to create a relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom.

Shall we take a close look at our examples from today?

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas - Patchwork

small bathroom tile ideas patchwork tile pattern brick wall

Take a look at this random arrangement of tiles. However, these are dominated by fiery and earthy nuances, which correspond wonderfully with the accent wall of exposed bricks. So industrial, so DIY, so warm and individual at the same time. That's what we call great little bathroom tiles to fall in love with. They make the stay here really exciting and happy.

Small bathroom tiles to fall in love with

small bathroom tiles ideas white square wood accents

Do you like it checkered? Is this example a super creative approach to make a bathroom look masculine? Such tiles would be ideal for small spaces due to their color. Their shape, texture and color ensure the seamless integration of the glass wall into the overall design.

If anyway already of glass tiles for the small bathroom the speech is ...

small bathroom tile ideas blue shower modern bathroom

These offer a lot of possibilities. You can integrate them into many different creative concepts. In the first example you will see the option to make them stand out with a blue color and curved lines. It feels like being in the sea ...

Partition made of transparent bathroom tiles

small bathroom tiles ideas partition transparent tiles

The next tile wall is used to separate the area with the sink. Their transparency preserves both the privacy of the space and the unity of the same.

An extraordinary shower cubicle

small bathroom tiles ideas partition transparent tiles modern shower

The white transparent wall with a blue stripe in the middle takes up the idea of ​​the floor in the direction of the shower cubicle. So he seems complete and at the same time fluent. Like a snail, he manages to expand the space without leaving the frame. Fascinating, right?

 Small bathroom in a minimalist style

small bathroom set bathroom tiles modern white gray

Lay wall tiles, but only in the corner where the bathtub is

fine stone tiles bathroom tiles wall tiles tile joints colors

Successful combination of colors and shapes

fine stone tiles clean floor tiles black tile joints colors bathroom tiles modern

 Chic black accents on the ground

fine stone tiles wall tiles tile joints colors bathroom tiles wall tiles floor tiles

Floor tiles in retro style

small bathroom decorating bathroom tile tile pattern retro style wood wardrobe

Bathroom tiles in light tones make the small bathroom appear larger

small bathroom set tile bathroom tile black white

Different tile patterns in black and white combine

small bathroom decorate bathroom tile tile pattern black white vintage patchwork

Small bathroom completely in white

bathroom tiles clean wall tiles floor tiles shower shiny white

 Floor and wall tiles stand in contrast

small bathroom tile steam cleaner tile joints colors floor level shower

 Another modern bathroom in the same style

small bathroom tile ideas floor level shower modern bathroom bathroom tiles

Rustic wood accents and white bathroom tiles

small bathroom set up bathroom tiles wood floor wooden beams

Accent wall in the small bathroom

small bathroom tiles bathroom tiles modern bathroom floor-level shower

Tiles with wood look - a clever solution

small bathroom tile wood effect bathroom tiles modern bathroom

Bring your little bath to shine

small bathroom tile ideas shower bathtub mosaic tiles floor wall tiles

Shiny wall tiles can be combined well with marble

small bathroom design bathroom tiles ideas toilet mosaic tiles wall tiles floor tiles marble

Chic gold accents and white bath tiles as background

small bathroom tiles ideas shower glass pane wall tiles floor tiles bathroom tiles white

Light blue wall paint and matching floor and wall tiles

small bathroom tile ideas shower cabin wall tiles floor tiles gray

Combine tiles of different shapes and colors

small bathroom tile ideas shape pattern bathroom tiles modern

Tile partition in the small bathroom

small bathroom tile ideas partition wall bathroom tile white

 Decorate the bathroom walls

fine stone tiles clean wall tiles bathroom tiles white washbasins

Create stripe pattern

small bathroom tile ideas wall tiles stripe pattern bathroom tiles modern

Marble bathroom tiles

small bathroom tiles marble bathroom tiles modern bathroom

The concrete tiles have a natural gray color

small bathroom plan bathroom tiles gray granite tile pattern

Create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom

small bathroom plan bathroom tiles completely white bathtub

Create a checkerboard pattern on the floor

small bathroom plan bathroom tile black white tile pattern chessboard pattern wall tiles white