Concrete floor – important advantages and some practical advice

concrete floor polished in gray

Concrete floor - the main advantages and some practical advice

Yes, they understand it correctly: You can use this material very successfully also in the interior design. The benefits are many and they include cleaning. This works really fast and easy. Last but not least, this type of surface absorbs the heat and can thus contribute to the reduction of electricity bills.

Concrete floor - factors that need to be considered

  • Clean up: Use very gentle remedies, such as vinegar
  • Commitment: Can be used in any room
  • Pet Friendly? Yes, extremely!
  • underlay: Successful installation requires a level of folding paper, metal strip, and a concrete base layer.

 Often the floor tiles are made of printed concrete

concrete floor in green gray large tiles

 To dye

You can color the concrete floor using the following methods: integral color, color spots, or other options.

Depending on your choice, you will achieve different effects, but they are all beautiful

artistically design concrete floor

 Here the yellowish color on the concrete floor illuminates the whole room

concrete floor yellow and terracotta colored


Depending on the look and feel, you could choose one of the different variants.

Mostly it is smoothed, polished or smoothly preferred

Working concrete floor with polishing machine

 concrete aggregate

Most of the work material is a mixture of fine concrete.

But in other cases, you incorporate broken stone or gravel for a nice surface

Concrete floor in sand color and with pebbles

 Concrete is good for the earth

If you have decided in favor of concrete, then you have certainly made an environmentally friendly decision. This affects all stages of production and use.

Here are the generous concrete slabs in earthy brown look pretty noble

concrete floor living room in colonial style

Cleverly dyed and well polished 

concrete floor in caramel colorIn the end I want to summarize the important facts and complete some others. Concrete is very stylish and resistant to pollution even more. You protect yourself and your family from the bacteria.

The concrete floor looks particularly elegant in light gray

concrete floor in gray shiny with carpet on it

Falling objects break very easily and standing on them is not very comfortable for a long time. You may also be aware that some cracks and cracks will occur over time, so the concrete floor needs to be updated regularly.