Shaping the oriental bedroom – living like a fairy tale

oriental bedroom design decorative ceiling

Fashion oriental bedroom


 Do you want to make your bedroom attractive and individual? Start with the selection of the style! The different styles are characterized by different colors, fabrics and combinations. Some people are up to date and choose contemporary furniture with clean lines.

Others are influenced by the retro style and buy furniture that suits their taste. Today we suggest you one  oriental bedroom to design. The theme of "oriental design" is very rich and comprehensive, because it includes elements from different countries and cultures. For example, you can make Asian bedroom with the help of shiny fabrics with floral patterns. The interior design in the Asian style is constantly in search of serenity, relaxation and seclusion. This style creates an escape from the hustle and bustle, tranquility and balance. That's why mostly neutral tones and pastel colors are preferred here. As I said, the Orient is a huge space in the imagination of man. So you can put together in addition to relaxing colors from the eastern Orient strong, mixed combinations of Morocco. The world of the Moroccan and even the Arab Orient is different to understand and perceive. Here strong, bright colors prevail and for modern design unthinkable color and fabric combinations. Below you will find interesting photos on the topic of "oriental bedroom", which can turn your bedroom into a romantic nest.

Design ideas from the Orient

bedroom oriental design sky bed


oriental bedroom design pink pendant lights

Fashion oriental bedroom

feng shui bedroom oriental design

Feng Shui bedroom in luxurious design

feng shui bedroom oriental design

Inspiration in red and pink

feng shui bedroom oriental design

Rich interior design

interior design oriental bedroom bed

Bed headboard - mirror

oriental bedroom bed headboard mirror

Bedroom design ideas in oriental style

oriental bedroom colored accents

Golden pendant light

interior design oriental bedroom gold pendant lights bed

Four-poster bed with fresh colors

oriental bedroom sky bed colored curtains

Four-poster bed in a beautiful design

oriental bedroom wooden bed throw pillow

Luxury bedroom design from the Orient

interior design oriental bedroom chandelier bed carpet

Contemporary bedroom in red and black

oriental bedroom chandelier red black

Moroccan bedroom frame

Oriental bedroom Moroccan bed

Asian bedroom with red decoration

oriental bedroom red decoration

Interior design in soft colors

oriental bedroom gentle colors

Asian design with sliding doors

oriental bedroom sliding bed

Comfortable ambience from the Orient

oriental bedroom sliding doors decorating ideas

4-poster bed made of solid wood

Moroccan bedroom decorative elements

Moroccan bedroom in pink and blue

bedroom blue bed colored chandelier

Curtains in red

bedroom exotic bed red accents

Modern bedroom design in gold and purple

bedroom purple and gold bed deco ideas

Colored decor

bedroom oriental colored furnishings

Unique bed design

bedroom great bed decorative elements

Oriental bedroom design in Moroccan style

design moroccan bedroom blue

Deco ideas in brown

design Moroccan bedroom brown accents

Create a romantic atmosphere

design moroccan bedroom romantic

Warm color design

design moroccan bedroom warm color scheme

Asian bedroom with decorative wall design

bedroom oriental design deco wallpaper bed

Two beds with mirror in the middle

oriental design bedroom 2 beds

Oriental floor lamp

design bedroom lighting bed wall decoration

Gorgeous decorative ceiling

design bedroom bed decorative blanket

Stylish wooden furniture in the bedroom

design bedroom bedside chandelier

Original house architecture

design bedroom bed original architecture

Blinds over the bed

oriental design bedroom bed

Attractive bedroom furniture in oriental style

design bedroom bed unique decoration ideas

Tapestry in funny colors

design bedroom bed tapestry wooden floor

Oriental Bedroom - Decorative ceiling with wooden beams

design oriental bedroom sloping wooden ceiling

Beautiful blanket with floral patterns

design bedroom decorative ceiling flowers

Beautiful four-poster bed and 2 sideboards

design bedroom decorative bed sideboard sitting area

Colored fabrics determine the design

design oriental bedroom colored sky bed

Bed with canopy in white

design oriental bedroom sky bed colorful wall design

Bedroom decorating ideas

design oriental bedroom sky bed plant sofa

Bed with canopy in pink and blue

design bedroom sky bed pink blue

High ceiling

design oriental bedroom high ceiling bed

Atmospheric decoration ideas

design oriental bedroom ideas bed carpet

Bedroom jewelry

oriental bedroom adornment

Teak platform beds

design oriental bedroom teak platform beds

Romantic lighting

design bedroom great lighting

Unique bedside with buttons

design bedroom uniques bed bench

Great wall design

design bedroom many colors

Colorful Throw pillows bring mood

design oriental bedroom brick walls bed throw pillow

Art Touch

oriental bedroom asian design art curtains

Wall decoration in Asian style

oriental bedroom asian design bed

Contemporary interior

bedroom asian design floral pattern

Gold and purple

bedroom asian design gold and purple

Japanese decorative wallpaper

bedroom asian design japanese deco wallpaper

Asian inspiration

bedroom asian design great deco ideas

Stunning decoration in the bedroom

bedroom asian design contemporary

Bed headboard with floral pattern

bedroom floral pattern bed headboard

Geisha motif on the wall

bedroom chinese geisha motif deco wallpaper

Oriental wood system

oriental bedroom chinese furniture


bedroom design ideas bed carpet plants

oriental bedroom design red

Shabby chic

bedroom shabby chic bed

Original bedside tables

bedroom wall deco bed throw pillow

Wall decal - birdcage

bedroom design oriental asian pendant lamp bed

Duvet and carpet with square patterns

bedroom design oriental bed deco ideas

Bed with great lighting

bedroom oriental bed curtains lighting

Stylish roller blinds

bedroom oriental bed sofa rollos

Hanging chair

bedroom oriental decoration pink and white

Clean lines

bedroom oriental inspiration lighting bed

Nice curtains

bedroom oriental inspiration lighting curtains

Retro look

bedroom oriental inspiration great sky bed

Hidden ceiling lighting

bedroom oriental inspiration hidden lighting


bedroom oriental big room black white

Lantern Lighting

bedroom oriental moroccan bed lanterns

Purple and blue in a beautiful combination

bedroom furniture bedside floral pattern