Building with pallets – pictures and instructions for beginners

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Reuse wooden pallets

If you rely on recycled and reused materials, you might Building with pallets to be interested in. This is very popular at the moment and it is used for various purposes, from private storage to alternative housing for the homeless.

Necessary materials: Europlatten, plywood boards, hammer, 10 cm screws and bolts, drills, hand saw, prefabricated door and windows.

Prepare a draft of the building structure. Measure the pallets before designing the construction. Align your design to the dimensions of the pallets, so that you cut them as little as possible, make sure the door and window dimensions match your plan.

Pull apart some of the pallets. Nail 2 × 4 into the open ends of each pallet to form a sturdy frame.

Build the floor of your structure. Attach the pallets to the plywood boards to get the desired floor size. Lay two boards together and a third board along. If you plan the floor, do not overlook it, it is better to cut the plywood boards instead of cutting out the pallets. For a solid floor, attach more wooden boards to the bottom of the pallet.

Building with pallets

build with palette illustration

Stack the pallets to shape the walls. If necessary, cut the pallets with the hand saw. The pallets should be screwed together. For this purpose, you better choose lightweight pallets. A sloping roof will drain the water.

Form your doors and windows. If you have designed the structure with built-in doors and windows, you will avoid many problems. But if you did not intend it, cut it with the hand saw.

Now mount the roof. Nail the pallets between the walls. Create a stable ceiling and roof support. It should be slightly larger than the other ingredients.

Dress the walls and install the doors and windows. Waterproof wooden exterior with sealant you still need.

Virtual represented - size and dimensions

plan build palette design virtual

 Designer design

build with pallets recycled

lighting design

Build with palettes lighting windows

Various wood textures

build with palette textures

Equipped with doors and windows

build pallets environmentally friendly

  build with pallet boards

Large garden house made of pallets

build palette garden shed  Build with pallets design

build with palettes inside

  Compact, useful garden shed

build grass shadow summer palettes diy

  Instructions in pictures - storage space for firewood

building palettes with europallets

  Rustic, robust structurebuild pointed roof pallets housing

Painted in blue    build glass wall palettes painted blue