How to achieve a great charm through the country house furnishings

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Country house decor ideas


Classic, elegant and comfortable: these are without exception features that can be attributed to the rural style. The Country house furnishings Making it practical and comfortable is not a difficult task. At the same time, it is important to keep everything simple and organic.

This style offers you many possibilities that would be impossible with others. You can add many accessories and pieces of furniture to the interior design. These give your house a unique character.

Any house can internalize the rural spirit and it works wonderfully independent of the surrounding landscape. Rural, minimalist and cozy, it allows you to highlight the elements you desire. The whole thing works with a preference for the details.

How can we make our country house stylish and comfortable

country house furnishing ideas organic textures

One of the most respected features of the rural style is that it makes it possible to use the design of your own demo collections and old furniture that you would otherwise have to discard.

  1. Design the outdoor area

When creating the country house design, attention to the surroundings as much as the design of the interior is important. I like to describe the feeling, which is caused by the rural design pictorially: It resembles this moment, in which one is only one step outside the door and already feels the relaxation of coming home.

A veranda surrounding the entire house is one of the best ways to achieve a classic yet rural look. This is an element that indeed determines the tone of the rest of the home furnishings. If you do not have enough space, this function can also be taken over by the front yard, the terrace, the balcony or the forecourt. It depends less on the size and much more on the appropriate design of the decoration.

Beautiful patio

country house interior design ideas exterior design

Fill the surrounding patio or yard with a few rocking chairs. Also consider a few container plants and wonderful roses. Imagine how beautiful that will look when wrapped around a wooden post. Lantern lights represent another simple and effective way to beautify the country house without exceeding certain limits.

Romantic lighting

country house furnishing patio lanterns

Country house terrace design

country house furnishing ideas patio patio

  1. Surrounded by wood

Wood accents seem to become more popular every day. Actually, the wood is the main element that gives the cottage its specific character. It dominates throughout the house. The use of wall panels, hardwood floors and even ceilings with exposed wooden beams emphasize and emphasize the classic cabin character. Hohloberflächen age in a great way. This means in practice that the house equipped with them will only become more beautiful with time. If you do not want to use predominantly wood, then you should make sure that the stone and concrete you use shows a rural, rough character.

Country house furniture made of wood

modern furnishing ideas country house furniture wood

Here we experience classic French doors and other light openings within a uniform concept. If you ignore that, you have made an effort to use as little glass as possible. Because this material spoils the rural character of the houses. Natural wood furniture is a great way to add more warmth to the country house.

Traditional living room

living room furnishings villa furniture

  1. Light and relaxation

The most typical characteristics of the country house are its economy and accessibility. White is the most commonly used shade in modern country houses and that makes perfect sense. Since most owners have a limited budget, they have opted for a simple, white look.

If you want to add a little bit more color then light beige or cream will work just fine too. However, hang on white as much as possible. Thus you will reach the traditional Landhausaura.

Colored accents for more color

living room country house furnishing bright colors

  1. Inviting kitchen and great dining area

The kitchen is the soul and heart of most modern homes, and we on fresh ideas never tire of emphasizing it again and again. But it is even more important within a country house concept. It is best to start with their design and then spread the style that you have defined here to the rest of the rooms.

Put together kitchen and dining room

country house furnishing ideas kitchen dining room

In the country kitchen everything is uncomplicated and lively. The color palette is typically neutral and provides the perfect backdrop for an eclectic mix of furniture. Wood makes a strong statement here. The latter consumes both the working area for the meat preparation, as well as the kitchen island.

In the picture below you can see another part of the equipment. These are shelves for flower containers, sinks in the front and wooden dining tables, which are combined with dining tables, all of which emphasize the space. Feel free to add antique chandeliers and use classic graphics. Through these you will be able to undertake a kind of time journey into the past, which will ensure a more comfortable look.

Decorate small kitchen in style

country house furnishing ideas kitchen and dining room

Simple lines

kitchen set up cottage kitchen furniture wood sink

  1. Open shelves and cabinets

Have you already noticed the large open shelves and cupboards with glass doors? I think the wooden frame is simply gorgeous. We are dealing with absolutely simple and rural shelves. Through them you can immediately reach the country house look. Dabai does not claim so much space and budget for the renovation. These open shelves give the wall a characterful appearance and make the change between the different decorations very simple. It should be emphasized again that mixing and adjusting shelves of different styles is a great way to achieve your own style.

Open shelves in the kitchen are simple and inviting

white kitchen country house furnishing open shelves table

Make sure you keep the color to the minimum.

  1. Beautiful colors and classic hearths

Do not you want to try a little decoration and less fabrics? Thus, one could reach a farmhouse style in the living room and bedroom. Simple stripes and a look with checkered patterns look good when it comes to accents and demo pillowcases. They ensure that you get enough dose of shade. Are you worried that you will not find any suitable pieces that fit your equipment perfectly? The country house style makes it easy to house an eclectic combination of chairs, beds, sofas and fabrics.

The right country spirit

living room furnishings country house sofa table cupboard

A rustic fireplace is a bit harder to create. You have to achieve perfect results here, otherwise it will not look good. Consider a vintage cornice and a brick exterior. Thus, you will achieve an authentic appearance. Furthermore, you ensure a cozy, dreamy look. With this you will feel comfortable and nice even on the coldest winter days.

Country house furnishings - integrate a fireplace

country house furnishing ideas living room fireplace wood table

  1. Vintage modern touch

There are many little insider tips, through which you can make the country house decor beautiful. You do not necessarily have to undertake a major renewal. Consider a simple foot bath. When done in a subdued shade, it looks modern and seamlessly integrates itself into the subject. Nice wooden cabinets and side tables also provide nice wood tones, without having to redesign the whole floor. So you have the opportunity to mix vintage with modern (in this case, not confused with contemporary). You must not forget that in this case the function of the form is superior.

The seclusion of the villa

furnishing ideas country house bedroom roof pitch

Do you have a lot of vintage items available? Take a shopping trip to the local antique shop. Shortly thereafter you will acquire unique deco which you can proudly show.

Bedroom with sloping roof

furnishing ideas country house bedroom roof pitch bed

If you choose the country house style, you should always draw inspiration from this unique look. You can attach it in a simple and effective way. It will also be the perfect backdrop through which you can improvise with your personal touches. Unlike many other design styles, country house design seems simple and charming with time.

Country house bathroom ideas

country house furnishing ideas bathroom freestanding bathtub

Wooden floor in the bathroom

bathroom wood floor wood cabinet country house

Are you a fan of the country style and do you have a suitable place to enforce it? If so, we hope that this article has been helpful to you.