Facades of houses Colors – which color will give your house a shine?

house facades colors blue front door yellow color ideas

Choose the right color for your facade!


Selecting the right color shade for your facade is a sensitive question. You can not afford to do it all wrong. Because once you have executed the surface in a bright color, you can change it hard.

Facades of house colors - from neutral to bright and meaningful shades

house facades colors white garden landscap grass green

White is complicated in this case again to use as a color for the facade. In addition, not only one's own, but also the appearance of the neighborhood is deteriorated in a wrong approach.

The classic white

house facades colors white garden grass green

Color mixing blue-brown-white

house facades colors blue color ideas

But at the same time, you should not approach the subject with too much hesitation. Colors for the facade, which give an individual and unmistakable appearance are in!

Summer house in sunny yellow

house facades colors yellow color ideas summer house

In addition, there are a number of methods by which you can find out in advance whether shading the house looks good or not. One of these, for example, is to look around for similar facades. Furthermore, you can first buy a small amount of wall paint. Put them on, try what it looks like. Let this small part take effect for a few days.

Color selection - the agony of choice

house facades colors yellow color scheme ideas

If you are convinced that this color is good for your facade, you should do it all!

Choose the most suitable shade

house facades colors brown tones color scheme color selection

Not only the light, but also the texture strongly influences the color selection. If the surface of the façade is damaged in one place, you will see it after painting. So make sure that the façade gets a uniform base.

Gray in combination with other colors

house facades colors yellow gray brown color ideas

Another challenge is that the color of the facade harmonizes well with the other details. There are many possible approaches. You can use several nuances of the same shades. But you could also provide plenty of contrasts. In the second case you are usually limited to two colors.

Fresh radiance in green

house facades colors green color ideas

The interaction with the environment is also important. If all the houses in the area are in neutral shades, a bright color on your façade may not be well received. If you are in a protected landscape, it is best to try by restrained color execution, not to influence the natural beauty.

Harmony and contrast

house facades colors yellow gray color scheme ideas brick color

wood accents

house facades colors blue color mixture

If you have green surfaces in front of it, it's best to choose a color that will serve as the background. For example, you can create a Mediterranean radiance through fiery colors and lush greenery.

Neutral in gray

house facades colors gray shades color selection neutral

 Or you can combine pastel shades and / or gray with green lawn. In the same way you should combine the color of the facade with a swimming pool.

Delicate pastel shades

house facades colors light blue white color ideas pastel colors

Mint green in use

house facades colors mint green white color ideas pastel colors

 A darker shade of color

        house facades colors gray brown dark shades garden ideas