10 famous furniture designers and interior designers from all over the world

famous furniture designers worldwide top 10

Ten selected interior and furniture designers


They are all modern and worked with some of the biggest stars. They are hired by people who can afford holidays in 6 star hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

The 10 furniture designers in this article are in Top 100 of the best architects and interior designers of the magazine Architectural Digest.

Famous designers from all over the world

furniture designer Thad Hayes interior design ideas dining room

Charles Allem

Charles Allem lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. He studied interior design in the USA. He currently has offices in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. He advises anyone who deals with furniture furnishings to deepen their knowledge of the different art epochs as possible.

Characteristic of his style are the magnificent and almost wasteful approach. Furthermore, the works of Charles Allem show wonderful combinations.

Charles Allen believes that the interest in interior design is growing.

Within his interior design projects, Charles often designs the elements himself. He designs tables, carpets, lamps and armchairs.

Everything really does not discover anything new. He enriches the known things with new aspects. He argues that modern style represents a new interpretation of old trends. Even the most modern-looking solutions are no exception, he says.

Charles Allem and his distinctive style

furniture designer interior design Charles Allem photo

Penny Drue Baird

Penny Drue Baird is an American designer. She spends her time half in New York, half in Paris.

She also shares the opinion of Charles Allem about the new interpretation of old styles. Dramatic new discoveries are almost never there. We are dealing with repetitions. Most designers, according to Penny Drue Baird, fall back on the French Art Deco style of the 40s and the international modernism of the 70s.

Penny Drue Baird

furniture designer Penny Drue Baird portrait

According to the artist, modern design brings old forms to new, higher levels. They look more and more simple, cleaner. Modern furniture has less and less weighted lines.

Classic elements in modern interior design

furniture designer Penny Drue Baird interior design examples

Penny Drue Baird works with different painters. It gives the apartments of their customers a very sophisticated character. The ideas she brings are often unique. An example is the glass shelves, under which opens a wine storage room.

She demonstrates again and again her deep enthusiasm for the classic French style of interior design. Inspired by this she dresses the walls of some apartments completely with leather.

John Barman

John Barman is probably the best at combining antique furniture and modern interior design. He gives colors the leading role in interior design. Its meaning is illustrated by the comparison between the 80s and the 90s of the 20th century. The first decade is colorful and the second - monochrome beige.

Antique furniture as chic accents 

John Barman furniture designer worldwide examples

John Barman works with a team of six people. One of the employees there is George Stephanopoulos. His projects include the design of some yachts. He uses a variety of materials. John Barman strives to select them according to the climate.

His main inspiration is Normandy. The elegance and upscale character of this province are reflected in many of its interior design concepts.

Elegant color accents in red

Furniture designer John Barman creative interior design ideas

Simple and spacious

Furniture designer John Barman creative living room interior design

Modern bedroom with lots of natural light

furniture designer John Barman bedroom ideas interior design

Peter Roy Baumann 

Peter Roy Baumann emphasizes the entertainment element in his interior design. Houses and apartments should be amusing and not just for living.

Peter Roy Baumann has his own gallery showing Mexican folk art. In this country, more specifically in Puerto Vallarta, he spent several years.

Interior design by Peter Roy Baumann 

peter roy bowman interior design ideas living room with fireplace

He is interior, furniture designer and restorer at the same time.

Peter Roy Baumann pays particular attention to the interests of the owners. Especially collections, e.g. from antique objects or travel souvenirs he takes into account in his projects very strong.

Ellie Cullman

She loves to bring homeowners, who rave about some heavenly interior design concepts, to the ground again. Each idea checks them for the functionality and the circumstances of the apartment. Furthermore, she would like to have a clear budget frame.

Designer Ellie Cullman

Ellie Cullman interior and furniture designer interior design examples

Elegant dining room furniture made of wood

Ellie Cullman furniture designer interior design samples

Before she has any clarity about these aspects, she does not get to work.

She advises interior and furniture designers to draw inspiration from other cultures. In addition, we think that we should rather rely on our own tastes and not on the ideas of others.

Living room in colonial style

Ellie Cullman interior designer living room design professional tips

Study with a special charm

Ellie Cullman furniture designer interior design examples

Mariette Himes Gomez

The designer herself determines her style as minimalist. Not everything we liked very much, must be in our house. That's how she thinks. All the more, if it's the only thing we have.

Designer solutions by Mariette Himes Gome

Furniture designer Mariette Himes Gomez women worldwide

Your team consists of 20 people. You are in Manhattan, New York. Eight years ago, she opens her own shop called "The Shop".

There she sells house furniture of her own line.

The designer solutions by Mariette Himes Gomez take great care of the wishes of the customers. She tries not to talk them out, but adapts. That is why the current trends are more in the background. She can not be enslaved by them in any way.

Living room design according to customer requirements

Mariette Himes Gomez furniture designer living room chic and modern

In her eyes, the house is a sanctuary. At this we hide from the external influences. The apartment is a place for us, for our family, for the friends. At home we have to have room and time for our memories.

Mariette Himes Gomez strives for the ideal balance between aesthetics and visual furnishing. She is one of those interior and furniture designers who develop personal ideas, look for kinship in the equipment of different rooms and put a high value on the selection of quality furniture.

Thad Hayes

This interior and furniture designer, like Mariette Himes Gomez, loves the minimalist design. His company is in New York. His team has eight members. Thad Hayes is known for his impeccable taste. He meets the selection of colors and fabrics particularly well.

Thad Hayes at his workplace

furniture designer Thad Hayes interior designer

The guiding principle of his concepts is functionality. In the first place, according to Thad Hayes, people should feel comfortable in their apartments.

In his view, an interior design concept is only successful if there is chemistry between residents and designers.

Stephen Knollenberg

This interior and furniture designer comes from Michigan. He is known for his successful mergers of old styles and modernist vision.

He often accesses visualizations on the PC to facilitate communication with his customers. According to Stephen Knollenberg, designers should "feel" the materials they are dealing with.

Stephen Knollenberg skillfully mixes different styles

Stephen Knollenberg furniture designer interior designer architect

Classic and rustic accents

Stephen Knollenberg furniture designer interior design examples

Martin Lawrence Bullard

Martin always visits his customers in their homes before he starts working on a specific project with them. He wants to get up close to her lifestyle and taste. Sir Elton John, Cher and Christina Aguilera are some of his prominent clients.

Martin Lawrence Bullard

Martin Lawrence Bullard furniture designer interior architecture

He always follows the principle of being completely honest with his customers. This is the only way to achieve lasting, satisfactory results, he says.

Sir Elton John, Cher and Christina Aguilera are some of Bullard's customers

Martin Lawrence Bullard furniture designer examples

Martin advises his clients to cut out everything they found in magazines and consider them beautiful. Even the picture of a beautiful handle can be meaningful and inspiring.

Delicate color accents in pink

Martin Lawrence Bullard furniture designer work living room example

Susan Tucker

In 1986 she founded her own company. She calls herself "Tucker & Marks ". That happened after the death of her mentor - Michael Taylor.

Susan finds inspiration in the unique things. Even from the withered roses, she could be inspired for a wonderful new color.

She is interior and furniture designer. Susan is restoring furniture. Many of the antique objects are then used in the interior decoration of their customers.

designer Susan Tucker

furniture designer Susan Tucker interior design ideas

Restored furniture as eye-catcher in the living room

Suzanne Tucker furniture designer living room interior design ideas