Exceptional houses around the world

extraordinary houses shell

Worldwide you will find fascinating, extraordinary houses

In our world there are unbelievably many unusual and extraordinary houses that are called a home. Some people live in caves, others on sailboats and others at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level. Traveling around the world, you can see such and many more unusual houses.

Of course, things are also virtual today. On our journey through the Internet, we have come across many great dwellings and could not resist the temptation to share them with you. Here we have put together 10 very original houses for you. It's a wide range of ideas and designs - from a giant shell, past churches to a fairytale rock house. Look at everything and admire the imaginative creativity of the architects and interior designers who have created real wonders. Extraordinary houses have something magical and captivating in them, do not you think?

The first house from our collection is the gigantic shell shell house in Mexico. Designed by renowned Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, the oversized shell features organic design. It is only one of the many creations of this architect, who deals mainly with organic architecture.

Do you feel like living in another dimension?

exceptional home interior design shell

A natural continuum with a minimalist touch

exceptional houses of oval organic shapes

The second house was actually a church in the past. It is located in the Netherlands and was rebuilt by Zecc Architecten. From the outside you can already suspect that the facade looks ecclesiastical.

The typical shape of the windows of a church is easy to recognize

houses former church

The interior is a successful combination of modern, minimalist design and subtle church flair

exceptional houses arcades and church windows

The roof arcades and the church pillars are two of the most significant architectural elements in the house

houses sturdy pillars

The skateboard house of Pierre Andre Senizergues in the USA

exceptional houses skateboard house

Extraordinary homes like this one will impress with their cool interior design and practicality. Above all, they serve a hobby or a passion.

Skateboarding system at home

exceptional houses oval walls

You could really believe that the Feuerstein family lives there, right? This quaint Dick Clark home is also located in the US and takes us back to prehistoric times.

The facade is completely immersed in the wild environment

exceptional houses flint family inspiration

A modern cave with style

exceptional houses stone living room

The transparent house of Sou Fujimoto in Japan is just the opposite

exceptional houses transparent house

No walls, no secrets

exceptional houses modern building

The Water Tower House in Belgium, designed by Bham Design Studio

exceptional houses old water tower

The interior is very functional and elegant

Homes minimalist design

The architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel designed the one-square-meter house, which is located in Germany

exceptional houses one meter house

Other versions of the extremely small house

exceptional houses a square meter

It continues more dynamic with the slide house of LEVEL Architects in Japan

exceptional houses with slide

The slide is fun for the whole family

extraordinary houses stairs like slide

Here you can see exactly what the floor plan looks like

exceptional homes plan

Mystic and bizarre - the stone house in Portugal

exceptional houses stone house in portugal

Photos of Patrícia Sofia Ferreira Photography

exceptional houses rock house

Here comes the narrowest house in the world by Jakub Szczęsny in Poland

exceptional homes the thinnest house in the world

It's not for people with claustrophobia, is it?

extraordinary houses narrow metal construction

Have we succeeded in surprising and inspiring you? What extraordinary houses have you seen so far?

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