Small wooden house for students on 10 square meters

small wooden house student apartment living space compact high bed

Small wooden house for students

This type of apartments was planned and realized by the specialists of Tengbom Architekts. They are characterized by the environmentally friendly design and interesting living ideas. Furthermore, they show a very modern and original architecture.

Nice mini apartment for students

small wooden house student apartment tengbom architekts

The project was realized with the help of architects from the University of Lund. Overall, the house has 10 square meters. It was necessary to fulfill the requirement to meet the basic needs of the inhabitants who will be there.

Inside you will find a very small kitchen with integrated hotplates. Furthermore, one has integrated cabinets here. In it you can stow enough products and accessories for their preparation.

Kitchen with integrated hotplates

small wooden house student apartment tengbom architekten wood kitchen worktop

Compact kitchen and dining area

small wooden house student house Tengbom architect living area kitchen wood

In the corner you have placed a table. This can be opened and closed. So, above all, ergonomic interior design ideas have been integrated.

Almost everything in the construction of the smart apartment is of local origin. The only exception is the laminate. The idea is based on a super effective distribution and use of space. The space has been reduced to the minimum. The harmful air pollution that would normally result from such a construction has now been reduced by about 50%.

Space-saving folding table

small wooden house student apartment tengbom architect living area

There is still a very small bathroom available. In addition, we find here an entrance hall, in which one also has space to sleep. This is placed higher and can be reached via a staircase.

Bedroom and living room in one

small wooden house student apartment tengbom architekts bedroom high bed living room hanging chair

This little smart apartment is currently a Museumponat. One can look at its model and living ideas in Arte Virserum in Switzerland. The colors are also close to nature and provide a serene, harmonious, calming mood. By the end of this year, it is expected that students will really be available. They will be a more environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly alternative for the usual student hostels.

Small wooden house that is currently a museum month

small wooden house Student House Unit Tengbom

back view

small wooden house student apartment tengbom sustainable architecture

Also in Switzerland these should be realized first. What do you think of the idea?

Could you imagine your student years in such a smart apartment?


     small wooden house student apartment tengbom architect living plan

Future dormitory of small wooden houses

   small wooden house tengbom architekts student residence architecture of the future