Modern house extension – conversion of traditional, German house

modern house extension geometric shapes facade

The trAditional German homeowners urgently need a modern extension

We have always emphasized that renovations and transformations are more difficult than planning a brand new apartment. The reason is very simple and obvious. The already exiting structures also bring limits.

Similarly, he is the case with this great German house, which is located in Regensburg.

Since the building has been declared part of the regional historical heritage, the original structure of the inter-room residence can not be changed by the designers. Instead, the innovative troupe of Fabi Architects has decided to provide the house with a brand new extension infiltrated with modern minimalism.

Picture: Modern extension of a traditional house

Modern house extension geometric shapes lighting window

Image: The original structure of the inter-room residence

modern house extension white triangular roof facade

Picture: Spend the evening quietly enjoying the view outside

modern house extension geometric german housekeeping

The all-new sturcture, pictured below, and created by the German design studio, uses the glass in line with current fashion in the form of glass windows that extend from floor to ceiling. Connected to the original house through a splendid corridor, the new extension enlists in the current trend of elegant and stylish spaces offering great views of the world outside.

Picture: Interiors that offer a contrast to the classic outdoor ambience

modern house extension kitchen floor plan white surface

Picture: Stylish, modern decor within the new extension

modern house extension dining room wood table chair

Picture: Ergonomic modern kitchen

modern house extension dining room kitchen area white interior

The ruihge garden outside is always visually connected to the residential and courtyard area of ​​the new house. The interior design on the two storeys appears neat and, thanks to the warm and lively look, offers a relaxed environment indoors.

The existing structure incorporates the modern lifestyle inside, such as the ergonomic kitchen space, the frugal dining area and the whitewashed interior, contrasting the traditional ambiance outside.

Picture: View of the glass corridor connecting the two buildings

modern house extension dining room kitchen area extravagant plain

Image: Contemporary interior design with a stylish staircase.


The chic extension of the inter-room building is a fine example of how to add extra space to a historic home without radically altering the existing building.

Picture: Daylight in the transition area

glass roof window idea white minimalistic

Picture: View of the stairs from above

modern house extension staircase white steps