Living ideas in country house style – the charm of a rustic designed house

kitchen and living room design sofa living ideas in country style wood beam walls made of wood

Country-style living ideas on Lake Wisconsin

This dark hut house needs to be lit. After many years of living in dark cherry and trim cabinets, as well as obsolete, artificially painted walls, the owners were eager to see their summer home on Lake Wisconsin reflect their own style.

They spend most of their time there in June, July and August, wanting to preserve the rural touch, yet present it in a modern way.

The interior designer Lauren Piskula from [de] luxe design studio has given an answer to this request in the form of a mixture of materials. It contained elements like reused barn wood, crisp white trim and clean lines. The result was a fresh and inviting summer retreat.

The house at a glance

This is a holiday home for a young couple and their Goldendoodle.

Location: Lodi, Wisconsin

Size: around the 300 square meters, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms

A subtle nautical vignette places an accent in the entrance. Carefully crafted rural details such as the driftwood lamp and wooden mirror with clean lines with shiny wood and padded Parisian tables.

Country-style living ideas - use chic rustic details

Landscaping Landscapes Flooring Wooden Floor Floor Lamp Driftwood Mirror Wooden Frame

Guests take a break here to sign up for the guestbook. In the house there are many people all the time, they come and go all summer long.

Piskula wanted to create a custom style for the customer. That's what made them create an Ideabook. So she could easily find out what the guests really like.

When positioning the furniture Piskula assumed the best prospects. At first she thought about putting a TV over the fireplace. But the view of the lake was in a completely different direction. You did not want to lose focus.

Cozy living room in country style

Living room set up country style chimney stoneware wood beige

The moose antler is a personal touch, because the name of the owner is moose (elk in English). An old Canadian elk rifer has taught him his skills. He is no longer among the living, but this antler has been exhibited here as a reminder of him.

Piskulas have brought in the spirit of a completely dark wood cabin using 100 year old boards from a Wisconsin barn. A piece of it can be seen on the cornice.

Dark wood on the floor takes the accents of the reused wood accents and ground the room

living room decorate country living room chimney wood stone rattan

Everyone who has been asked, including house owners, friends, family, what they like most about the house, keeps coming up with the same answer. Nine times out of ten, the answer was: the reused wood.

To paint this correctly cost them a few tries. The winning look was a warm brown color, with antique gray nuances.

Wood in the lead role

living room sofa living ideas in country style coffee table walls made of wood

The comfortable upholstered chairs are paired with a modern tubular side table. A chemist's floor lamp mixes traditional and modern, creating a very comfortable reading area.

A successful mix of Traditional and modern

rustic living room decorating living room armchair flowers

The attic floor offers a view of the lake

living room decorating rustic high ceiling fireplace

Various materials, such as related wood to white surfaces can be found here. They support the entire dynamic between rural and modern.

The living area has a harmonious and inviting charisma 

kitchen and living room design sofa living ideas in country style wood beam walls made of wood

Sconces show a mirror surface with a vintage character brighten the entrance and the stairs

rustic home interior mirror vintage details in the stairwell

In this picture you can see a house owner and his dog. They enjoy the last days of summer. A rural buffet in the hall hides the cable and internet boxes.

Marines light adds an extra nautical touch

rustic home wall decoration landscape

Here you can experience a muted palette of gray, blue and green. They contrast with the wood and provide a visually exciting and interesting appearance. In addition, Piskula has found that customers are mostly interested in geometric patterns and nature images. Many of these were mixed in the equipment and had a lot of fun in combining the different sizes.

Contrasting elements create a varied and dynamic atmosphere

living room dining area armchair wood beam rustic living ideas

Modern living area with open plan

living room dining area armchair wood beam rustic living ideas neutral color palette

In the kitchen you can find the related wood in the kitchen, too, on the elegant Cambria Torquay surfaces

kitchen country style wooden barstools set up

In this picture you can see a white sink with a protruding front part

kitchen country style kitchen sink set up window jalousie

The dining table adds another touch of fresh rural style. It was made to measure by a craftsman from Sauk City, Wisconsin. Subtle strokes of blue and green emphasize the views of the water.

Dining area in rustic style - dining table and wooden dining chairs

rustic living room dining room design dining table wooden chairs

Relaxed enjoy a cocktail

set up cocktail recipes with lime home-style kitchen ideas

According to Piskula, light is one of the most important elements that should be defined in the design of each room. For this house, she has opted for lights with a cabin-like character.

Chandelier: Circolo Кollection, Kichler; Chairs: Madeleine, Restoration Hardware

rustic living ideas bathroom furnishing ideas wooden floor in the bathroom

Fresh rural style continues into the ladies' room. Sconces provide more dark wood on the wall. The home is a comfortable spot for boating, paddleboarding, cycling and city gathering for traditional Wisconsin fish fingers.

Original wall lamps in country style

rustic home wall sconces candle candlestick