Dream house + villa enchanted with fairy-tale furnishings


Dream house villa forest

 Dream house + villa in the deepest Russian forests - built entirely of tree trunks

This, at first glance, simple-looking forest house is a project by Russian architect Elena Schabakova. The main topic of our article today is her contribution to architecture and interior design. The house is built deep in the Russian forests and represents a perfect place for relaxation.

The simplicity of the house is our first impression. If we take a closer look at the building, we notice how playful and imaginative its architecture is. In the house there is room for many guests and despite its size, we recognize a very cozy and inviting interior.


The interior of this forest house is unique and fascinating

Dream house villa forest bedroom bedroom

The Waldhaus was built entirely from tree trunks and is thus almost a part of the forest. The construction around the house is again made of tree trunks. Outside the house, we find well-designed areas that are perfect for relaxing or playing.

Take an extraordinary trip to the Russian forest

Dream house villa forest fireplace bar

Let's go in and take a closer look at the said cosiness.

The interior of the house is just as large as the assumption from the outside. The first floor is expanded, thematically furnished as a living room, kitchen and dining room.

On the first floor of the house we find everything we need

Dream house villa forest fireplace

The style is above all rustic, complemented by a few modern elements. One of them is the modern fireplace in the middle of the room. This is definitely the center of the first floor. The seating around the fireplace emphasizes the cozy and warm ambience. The dining area is kept simple. There we find a spacious and smooth table and six classic chairs, which are placed next to the fireplace.

The round fireplace and the seating, reminiscent of a ship's chimneys, are real eye-catchers

Dream house villa forest fireplace large

With this device the pleasant stay in this house is secured

Dream house villa forest fireplace living area

On the other side of the room we find the living area. The bar table together with three white bar stools serve as an elegant room divider. The living room has a comfortable sofa, small coffee table and built-in TV with modern multimedia equipment. The heavy curtains protect against daylight when you want to watch TV or sleep.

Robust, fashionable and warm - all this unites the house in its interior

Dream house villa forest fireplace TV

The design of the kitchen is different from the rest of the house. White, modest and rather practical, leaves a contrasting impression. But the kitchen is not that different. When looking closely, we discover bright and modern elements throughout the house (such as the luminaires), which correspond well with and complement the style of the kitchen.

The coziness is obviously very important in this house

Dream house villa forest fireplace sofa

The wood parts and the logs provide a sense of security

Dream house villa forest fireplace bedroom

This dream house villa in the forest has two small but very adorable bedrooms. The first bedroom is located in the attic and although the narrow space does not allow many possibilities, this room wins on cosiness through the sloping ceilings.

You might think it's a fairytale illustration

Dream house villa forest bedroom roof

The walls in this bedroom alone are a gardening element

Dream house Villa Wald bedroom second

Of course, this dream house has a dream bathroom. Are you getting wanderlust?

Dream house villa forest bedroom bathroom

The second bedroom we find a floor below. The bedroom looks considerably larger, even huge thanks to the purist décor.

The bathroom is the most exciting room in the house. There we find a successful mix of styles and materials. The glass door is the direct passage to the courtyard where even more surprises await us. The bathroom has an original shower and armchair.

We hope to have brought you the right taste.

 Dream house + villa in the Russian forests should be easy to see!

Dream house villa forest bedroom passage