Modern house design of historical houses – history and present

modern house design light gray retro armchair

Modern house design – how to combine history with the new era?

Today I am writing about the modern house design of historic houses and more precisely about the dilemma of their owners: how much can one change one’s own life in order to reconcile it with the house there? Or, how far do I change my house to suit my life?

A couple from California bought a bungalow from the turnaround. The proximity to the beach and the historical value were very lovely. But the gloomy roof was anything but fitting to their contemporary decor and collection of art photography.

The couple has commissioned architect Erik Evens and interior designer Alana Homesley of Woodland Hills to help them solve this problem.

As a specialist in historical architecture, Evens proposed the idea of ​​painting the woodworks.

Dyed in white, the house still retains its contemporary character. But now the light is reflected and the furniture and artworks are illuminated. According to Evens, for him personally, the final product is the right evidence for the correctness of this decision. In his opinion, the house spans the bridge between the past and the present.

Modern house design – the house at a glance:

  • Who lives here: A working couple with their three children
  • Location: Santa Monica, California
  • Size: 265 square meters, 4 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms
  • Interesting facts: The house was first built on sand dunes and promenades led to every single house

The wide entrance door leads directly into the living room and separates the room into two different seating areas. Between the Brenda Anton’s wingback chairs is a small coffee table that seems to disappear in the overall configuration. Bleached colors flank the beach backdrop. So you write in the typical ideas about a beach house.

On the other side of the room is an informal sitting area. Here you have preferred a custom made couch instead of the usual sofa.

The chairs belong to the company Christian Liaigre

modern home decor eclectic living room white coffered ceiling

The ceiling in the living room felt very low before the painting was added. This was due to the rough separation between the brown wood and the white cassettes. Now everything has been done in the same shade. Above all, one notices the craftsmanship and not the contrast.

The collection of photographs has been exhibited on a rail in the dining room

modern home decor sturdy dark wood dining table

There you even have the built-in buffet with a layer of color provided. The cornice belongs to the brand Bright White.

The bespoke chairs are covered with blue-gray linen fabric of the brand Hampton.

The chandelier is a contemporary creation by Lindsey Adelman

modern house design chandelier in grape shape

Designer was Lindsey Adelman. This is certainly an unconventional choice for this craftman bungalow. But the designers were convinced that the room needs something “funky” style.

The blue-gray color from the living room was then added to the kitchen.

There she was attached to the tiles and the back wall of Heath Ceramics

modern house design kitchen island with microwave

The counter was covered with sandstone Pietra del Cardoso

modern house design kitchen back wall with gray wall tiles

This material is stain resistant.

On the shelves in front of the windows you can see the ceramic collection of the owners. There you can also enjoy filter views of the neighboring houses.

The architect Evens was able to accommodate four bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor. In the sense of this task, he has redesigned the stairs and added a skylight.

In the picture you can see the master bedroom. It opens to the roofline.

Furthermore, it was highlighted with structural bindings and had a tongue and groove ceiling

modern house design rattan chair

In the whole house you had used woven grass fabrics

modern house design open floor beams in white

The custom-made walnut sandwich was higher than normal. So she looks less contemporary.

As can be understood, the bathroom of the 1903 apartment was much smaller. However, Evens has integrated part of the adjoining space into the sanitation area during renovation.

As a result, you now have a traditional, but fine bathroom

modern house design striped runner in cold shades

Horizontal boards circumscribe a strong line around the room. The niche shelves keep the items from the bathroom within reach.

The wide front door encourages interaction with the road

modern house design covered porch with dark rattan furniture

Due to the historical nature of the district, the architect was not allowed to alter the facade of the house. It was only allowed to cover it with a fresh coat of paint. He did that too. The house was originally on sand dunes.

There were promenades that connected the residences to the street

modern house design pitched roof and front yard

Modern house design with a historical flair

modern house decoration traditional white facade