Firewood storage can also be artful and aesthetic

firewood store fireplace einbaunische

Firewood storage - not a matter of course

 When it comes to firewood storage, you often think of something trivial and boring. It is not necessarily the truth. With our ideas you can not only store the firewood much more practical, but also much more stylish. Especially in winter, the fireplace is the favorite spot at home.

For those of you who do not have ultra-modern bioethanol fireplaces, the question is always open - how and most of all where do I store the firewood best. Today we show you many variations on how to make the woodpile aesthetically and artistically.

A very popular variant are the installation tables. They can be vertical and room-high, but also horizontal and symmetrical. Some look like built-in shelves and others are even shaped like arcades. The design depends on your facility. So ordered get the simple wooden clogs a completely different value. They provide a fresh structure in the room and liven up the otherwise cool surfaces of concrete, glass or metal. In this way you create more homeliness at home. Ask yourself, what happens to the installation tables in the summer? Well then, you can decorate them beautifully with driftwood or twigs in large vases and renew your interior again.

Einbaunische next to the fireplace

firewood store decor round coffee table

The unused corners in the living room or in the hallway can just as well be redesigned for storing firewood. Simple wooden shelves are also perfect for wood storage and look just as original. The wooden clogs also look better in storage baskets or boxes and give the ambience a rustic touch. For garden houses or bungalows, you can even decorate the entire exterior walls with firewood. It is convenient and looks very nice too.

Use these great ideas to rethink firewood storage at your home. Maybe you've missed something so far. Perhaps a new installation niche would be just the thing for you or the corner as it could prove quite convenient. Be more open to the new and create more order and comfort!

Arcade-shaped and symmetrical

firewood store fencing mantel ornaments

Rustic with white brick wall

firewood store fencing floor lamp

In the warm season, we usually move the firewood outside. The same rules apply here. Everything should be ordered and stylish. It is best to store the wood on your covered terrace or back in nooks and crannies. You can also use large shelves or store the wooden clog under concrete benches. This saves space and creates structure. Another advantage is that your firewood is well protected from rain and moisture.

Use the corner at the entrance

firewood store entrance door concrete light wood

Use the unused fireplace as a decoration

firewood store dining table white chairs

Open hearth of stone slabs

firewood store hearth stone pebbles

Wall shelf full of firewood

firewood store cast iron fireplace stove wall shelf

Demanding in an open plan of living

firewood store fireplace designer furniture

Harmonious contrast of wood and granite

firewood store fireplace eames chair

Room divider and wooden niche in one

firewood properly store fireplace ceramic urn

Woodburning stove and open beam ceilings

Store firewood properly store fireplace stove beanbags

Storage area above the firewood

firewood store natural stone tiles tile fireplace

Practical and aesthetic

firewood store niche fireplace gray sofa

Open bricks and storage boxes

store firewood properly open brick fireplaces

Symmetrical installation tables made of concrete

firewood store open floor beams high pile carpet

Open shelf full of wooden clogs

firewood store properly open shelf decoration

Protected under the canopy

Firewood store pergola fireplace

Natural stone look by the fireplace

firewood store properly shelf wood natural stone optic tiles

Rustic fireplace with storage space

firewood store rustic fireplace coffee table

Discreet in the corner

firewood store sliding wall fireplace

Firewood cabinet

firewood store cupboard decoration

Cosiness at the pool

Firewood storage benches pool

Open fireplace and Mediterranean environment

firewood storage seat rattan chair

Bungalow decorated with firewood

firewood store bungalow exterior walls

In-recess over the fireplace

firewood store spiral hanging lamp

Symmetrical and challenging

firewood store symmetrical white sofa

Eclectic and balanced

firewood store wall decoration flowers retro sconce

Firewood shelf on the covered terrace

firewood store wall shelf rustic

Full fireplace in the summer as a decoration

firewood store wall cladding natural wood fireplace