Unconventional house cultivation on two levels

glass facade roof house extension modern original

Unconventional house cultivation on two levels

 Take a look at this daring design by the Australian architects of March Studio designed and developed! According to the project developer, the Mullet House "tries" to give us information about a small opportunistic building site. The clients, Scott Smith and Phoebe Moore, not only want to own a new, comfortable home, they also look for a challenging design.

The unconventional house-building on two levels shows an extraordinary, angular roof, which contributes to the aerodynamic shape of the building. The garage is abandoned while the higher area is surrounded by glass. There are still the extra bedrooms and bathrooms. The new extension is not designed to complete the original architectural style, but was built according to the customer's specifications and offers one of the best views of the city of Melbourne - tell the architects.

 Ceiling and flooring made of wood

Mullet house roof wood sofa residential landscape gray shelves wall

Orange accents, floating stairs

Mullet house march studio floating stairs hanging lamps

Gray roof shows this house cultivation

Mullet house match studio traffic architecture cultivation

Built-in ceiling lighting and hanging lamp over the kitchen island

Unconventional home-growing architecture wood interior

Kitchen island - factual, but practically equipped

Unconventional house-building architecture kitchen island hanging lamps

Warm, soft lighting

Unconventional home growing architecture plant garden outdoor area

Industrial architecture

Unconventional house building facade architecture garden design

House on two levels and garage

Unconventional house building facade window

Modern, sustainable and minimalist

fence garden house cultivation tree window facade architecture

Designs of the house

design design architecture house cultivation plan