Modern house building lets nature closer

modern house build nature roof greening

Modern house building lets nature closer

Are you planning a modern home? This concern certainly has many different aspects to watch out for. But now let us deal with a fundamental one. It's about "the proximity of people and nature".

If you are building a modern home, then your new home must radiate your belief in a life close to nature.

Again, there are many different aspects that must be considered during construction. They are partly associated with the technical design. It must best show energy efficiency and also use materials that are sustainably derived and at the same time good for human health.

Bring more life home

modern house build vertical garden wall decoration

Today we only want to mention these. But we would like to focus more closely on design thinking, which brings nature closer to us.

Choose the right place for building a house

If you want to have nature in your life then you would need to set very clear priorities. You can build a cheaper apartment, which is close to nature, just outside the city. Although you would probably have to go to work longer, or school, but you will feel happier afterwards in your own home.

Transparency and clear lines

modern house build glass walls modern architecture

Living room with floor to ceiling glass wall to the courtyard

Floor to ceiling glass walls that go to the courtyard would be the next step if you want to build a modern house. Set a priority on it when planning the project.

So the stay in the living room would always be a rest

modern house build outlook garden

A lot of light

A beautifully lit living room can then be separated from the rest of the apartment by glass walls. If possible, these would best be positioned from the two sides of the room.

They feel like they are in the middle of a "flood of light" and feel much closer to nature and its invigorating power

modern house build floor to ceiling windows light courtyard

Window on the corner

It is still an unconventional solution. She asserts herself quickly. Also consider them if you want to build a modern house.

Corner windows would in most cases make the whole thing more uniform and thus more inviting

modern house build furnished living room

Many rooms that invite nature into the interior

Do you have several rooms that go to the garden or courtyard? Also consider glass walls in these rooms. Because you would be able to find the closeness to nature from several rooms.

Pergola or covered porch?

Among other things, they should consider the possibility of building an outdoor roof. This could be a covered porch or, if you wish, a pergola in the garden. So you would be able to spend a long time outdoors in the summer. Some of the usual activities in everyday life can even happen there.

Just think about this extended living space

modern house build canopy terrace rattan furniture


More and more people work from home. Well, why hide in a dark corner, if you could look outside to get some inspiration?

Plan the house so that you could have views of green landscape from several places

modern house build sliding door without a threshold

Cozy courtyard

modern house build courtyard fresh air

Romantic ambience with outdoor pool

modern house build courtyard meadow palms pool

Cozy sitting area with fireplace

modern house build fireplace seating vegetation

Modern architecture and nature in one

Modern house build nature landscape pond

Minimalism and freedom

modern house build sliding doors floor to ceiling windows minimalist