Surrealism Pictures and Features – Imagination, Nightmares and Taxidermy

Surrealism pictures and features owl

Eccentric carnival and Halloween masks

You have created this magic land - a whole surrealist universe. Unidentified and unkown creatures with ugly masks serve as a response to the prevailing lust of selfie culture and the beauty standards that the mass media recently advocated.

Surrealism Images and Features - Imagination, nightmares and taxidermy

Surrealism pictures features woman mouse

 We are all fiery collectors of stuffed animals. That's why we surround ourselves in our solitude especially with such animals mounted on the wall. We transform these dead reptiles into fairytale characters. For this purpose, we clothe them in the manner in which the Victorian animal preparer Walter Potter has done. Our surrealist inspiration comes from our own imagination, dreams and nightmares.

Meaningful picture shows the domination of humans over the animals

Surrealism images and features-monkey

Clothing in harmony

Surrealism images and features-odd

Insane designs

Surrealism images and features-fear

Unsigned, unnamed people

Images and features grizzly halloween mask

Photographed in the snow forest

Surrealism halloween masks and features ugly

Insects, animals and humans

halloween masks images and features insect mask


Surrealism pictures and features creepers

Show the ugly in man

carnival masks and features mask

Great guinea pig

Surrealism pictures and features sea slipper

Exotic red bird

carnival masks halloween masks parrot band

Sculptural motifs

carnival masks halloween masks horse head

Evil, terrible nature

carnival masks halloween masks terrible

Mythological features

Pictures surrealism features black bird

Absolute sci-fi

Surrealism pictures and features pig

Mask of a skull

Surrealism pictures and features skelet fuchs

Meaningful bull

Surrealism pictures design features bull

Prepared reptiles

Surrealism pictures features wild animals

Remarkable zebra with cylinder on the head

Surrealism pictures and features zebra cylinder

Heroes from the circus

Surrealism pictures and features circus

The sad clown

Surrealism pictures and features circus klown