Iceland landscape or why we stay wordless in front of the majesty of nature

Iceland - the rediscovered paradise

As late as the 9th century, wild Vikings from Norway and Ireland settled in this small island state in the North Atlantic. The Icelandic volcanoes played a major role in the formation of the land mass of the island and its magical landscape - Iceland is the largest volcanic island in the world and is still considered world the land of fire and ice known! The capital Reykjavík has become an increasingly popular destination in recent years. Near the Austurvöllur Platz, a popular gathering place for city dwellers, you can find over 200 cafes, restaurants, discos and much more!

Iceland Landscape - A colorful capital whose inhabitants are quite friendly and helpful

Iceland landscape capital

Iceland landscape winter

In addition, the numerous churches, museums and art galleries with their interesting and extravagant facades entice the exploration of island history and numerous works of art. Contrary to all expectations, the icy temperatures do not freeze the country, but contribute to a breathtaking atmosphere. If you are not afraid of the cold, then brave the grounds and enjoy the lovely sight! Welcome to Iceland!

Iceland landscape - the fascinating volcanoes and geysers

Today, there are a total of thirty-one active volcanoes in Iceland - Hvannadalshnjúkur With its impressive height of 2110 meters it is considered the largest volcano on the island, with the most frequent eruptions however Hekla out.

Iceland landscape volcanoes

Hvannadalshnjucur - a real natural wonder

Hvannadalshnjúkur volcano island

The right landmark of Iceland is the geothermal active areas and the numerous geysers! These hot springs, which emit water in the form of a fountain, were formed by the constant volcanic activity and the resulting complicated geological processes, and are now enjoying a great deal of interest. The Great Geyser is the oldest known and still active geyser here; every 24 to 30 hours the elegance of the water movements reveals itself before the eyes of its visitors. Here you can enjoy an attractive and rousing water show - ten meters high is the eruption column!

Iceland Landscape - This natural wonder reminds us of our commitment to the protection and preservation of nature


In the national park geyser you can admire the amazing hot springs - at the entrance you will be "greeted" by a big cloud of hot steam! However, the geysers are not only regarded as a landmark, but their heat energy is processed and used as a heating and heating system. In this way, the whole island is supplied with energy and hot water!

Iceland landscape - glaciers and waterfalls

glacier iceland

glacier iceland landscape

The visit of the glacier Snæfellsjökull stays in your memory forever! At the top of a 1446 meter high volcano in the national park lies the breathtaking glacier! Namely, this is the starting point of Jules Verne's journey of his protagonists to the center of the earth. Due to climate change and the accelerating glacier melt, the researchers assume that Snæfellsjökull completely disappear in the next fifty years.

The Gullfoss Waterfall just lets you stand there in the silence of the majesty of nature! The locals still refer to him as the Golden Waterfall, because the rays of the sun reflected in the water at sunset give it different nuances from the golden palette! With a little luck, you will also be able to see the rainbow created by the refraction of sunlight during a water crash! The highest and the largest waterfall in Europe are also part of the picturesque landscape of the island!

Iceland Landscape - You are always welcome in this fascinating country!

gulfoss island landscape

The Gullfoss waterfall is certainly worth a visit

gullfoss island

Iceland Landscape - If you are lucky, you will also see the rainbow

rainbow waterfall iceland

At sunset, enjoy a breathtaking "water show"

waterfall sunbeams

Island Landscape - The small island state is a favorite destination of many world-famous landscape photographers  

Iceland landscape waterfall

Iceland waterfall

Iceland Landscape - The Svartifoss Waterfall

svartifoss waterfall iceland

waterfall iceland

Enjoy some breathtaking landscapes in our gallery!

Immediately pack your bags and set off! It is worth it! 

Iceland landscape volcanoes

Iceland landscape volcano area

Iceland Landscape - In summer everything is green! Although the average temperature in July is 13 degrees, the mercury can rise to 25 degrees on hot summer days!

Iceland summer

Iceland warm

The northern lights "dance" in the sky during a volcanic eruption!

northern light volcano iceland landscape

Strokkur Geyser is 80 km away. east of Reykjavík

geiser island

strokkur geiser island

geyser island landscape

The Blue Lagoon and the hot water attract thousands of visitors each year - taking a bath here is a unique experience

Iceland warm water

Iceland Landscape - A cozy, wintery atmosphere

capital iceland island state

The lively façade colors of the houses here provide for the good mood of city dwellers and visitors

Iceland landscape

The northern lights! Here we stay without comment!

Iceland landscape breathtaking

Iceland landscape northern lights
Northern lights