Are you planning to buy or rent a holiday home? – 10 basic things

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Do you know the following situation: You are on holiday with your family in the mountains. It enchants you with its majestic nature, enjoying the quiet stay in the house, the planning of the excursions, the dinner and so on. But it turns out that there are a few details that you did not necessarily think about and that spoiled the comfort of one more or less.

In order to avoid this, I have some tips for you, which you can use well, so that you can really enjoy your time in the mountains, either on vacation or visiting friends.

Board games and recreation in the cottage
to buy or rent a holiday home

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Sometimes the snow idyll in the mountains becomes a bit dangerous. When there are storms or other not so friendly weather conditions, it is often better to stay at home. Card games are really popular for this reason.

air quality

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This will also play a very important role in your holiday home recovery. The fireplace in the house is very romantic, but you should remember that the dry air for the noses and throats can be very harmful in the long run. That's why it's best to have humidifiers at hand when preparing your luggage for travel. Do this before you sleep, and when you are at a high altitude, drink water as well.

Internet speed

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Often the connection at such heights is terribly slow. It can actually be that these do not exist at all. Therefore, you should warn your business partners that there will be difficulties and that your answers may be delayed.


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It ensures a good temperature in the house, but it is often not the best for all people. That's why you should think of extra blankets to make you feel comfortable and comfortable.

Basic tools for lighting a fire

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This is an action that you must take every day. Make sure that you are familiar with the functionality of the fireplace. You must have all the basic tools in the house and the hatch of the fireplace must be open.


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Often, larger amounts of snow fall from the ceiling to the ground. They should identify the dangerous spots and keep the children and pets away. Furthermore, you should be familiar with the slides, to avoid them as well.

Wild life

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Wildlife surrounds most of the cottages. The bears sleep in winter, but there are other animals to think about. The children should never stay without supervision. Dispose of the waste from food so they do not attract wildlife.

Cold feet

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Sooner or later you have cold and wet feet in the mountains. Bring some rain boots with you, so you can go out with them quickly into the snow. They are very easy to put on and will protect you from the icy, slippery snow.

water sources

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They can be beautiful and reassuring on the one hand, but on the other hand pose a potential danger to the children and the animals. They should know where they are in the vicinity and take all the necessary security measures.