Spend the holiday in cool beach huts

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Are you planning a vacation trip? Where would you stay?

Do you like to travel? Yes? And where? And where do you stay during your stay? holiday trip  in most cases? In luxurious hotels or in a more comfortable and natural atmosphere? Interesting what you will say about the beach huts that we want to show you in this article!

It's about mobile beach huts that have been positioned along the coast of South Korea. Stay tuned, these fancy huts will fascinate and interest you!

Spend wonderful days on the beach

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The tiny huts are called Albang, have an interesting egg shape, are designed by the Korean Yoon Space Design Studio and photographed by Indiphos Studio. A big advantage of these is that they can easily be transported from one beach to another. Eight of the egg-shaped huts are located on the sandy beach in Yangyang-gun, a district of Gangwon-do Province in South Korea. Each of them has 2 square meters of space. A very small area, is not it ?!

These cabins are something extraordinary!

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The light huts are made of polystyrene blocks, which makes their transport to different beach locations particularly easy. They are stable because they are attached to special small podiums. In addition, this material gives the top a beautiful texture and thus an extraordinary look!

Cabins with super modern architecture

holiday travel beautiful living ideas travel beach huts travel destinations

The architect describes the project in the following way: People want to travel constantly and visit different destinations! And this project is not a hotel, not a tent or something similar, but something exciting!

As white objects on the beach

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The architect chose this material, not only because of his endurance, but also because it is cheap and easy to transport.

Enjoy nature in beautiful cabins on the beach

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Colored curved doors open upwards, giving each white cottage an individual touch. These are supported by a long metal door hinge. Each beach hut bears the name of the door color.

It was very modernistic in the design of the door proceeded!

beach hut modern architecture door

Same and different at the same time!

vacation trip beautiful living ideas beach huts colored doors

The cabins also have small arched windows from which to enjoy the beautiful views. These have colored frames and also allow the view to the neighboring hut. At night, the protruding round windows shine like lighthouses, because the light in them illuminates them!

Hut with inspirational architecture

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At night they look beautiful

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Here you can easily recognize the egg shape

holiday trip beautiful living ideas beach hut architecture inspirational

The round windows

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Inside, the floor of each lodge is covered with linoleum, which is designed in a beautiful combination of green and blue.

The hut inside

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