20 cool jewelry storage ideas for a chic point of view

cool jewelry storage ideas stylish view point vase glass

20 cool jewelry storage ideas for a chic focal point

Some consider jewelry as something that must be kept locked up in a safe hiding place, out of sight and out of mind, until the time comes to clean up. For others, however, the jewelry is intended to be exhibited and integrated into the house decoration!

We would like to outline this second variant in today's post. Finally - if you have it, flaunt it, right ?!

You can keep valuable gems in a safe place if you want. But sometimes it's fun turning your less official jewelry into a happy-go-lucky styled part of your interior. If you are a do-it-yourself person, you will also find some projects here on our website to give your creativity free rein.

jewelry trees

We begin with the ornamental trees that help create elaborate strands and bracelets. Some enjoy making the tree a central object in a ladies' room, closet or locker room. Below is a homemade jewelry tree made from branches, twigs, twine and other materials available. Look at Mr. Kate to see all the details:

20 jewelry storage options for a stylish exhibition

cool jewelry storage ideas make your own tinker chains

 Maybe the spray-colored branches will give us the direction! Actually, the next homemade jewelery tree, a creation of Centsational Girl, is made of dyed oak tree branches. A fine appearance and a large amount of hanging space for any jewelry - from chains to arm rings - characterize this finished product. For more details on making supportive foundations and more, visit Centsational Girl.

Color branches with silver spray

cool jewelry storage ideas ideas make yourself earringsAre you perhaps a worshiper of Manzanita's sleek looks? A modern look is achieved, which is the perfect contrast to the richly ornamented jewelry worn by this item. See My Right Brain for all the do-it-yourself details, then head to Hollywood Housewife to see how a blogger presented the project, as shown below:

This manzanita jewelry tree can stand very well right in your corridor

make cool jewelry storage ideas yourself

Next, we'll change the color with this tall manzanita tree from Etsy shop Red Bark Designs. Although this tree has just been sold, the store has a large selection of many other design designs.

The rich abundance of branches is perfect for larger jewelry collections

cool jewelery storage ideas DIY crafts tree

Jewelry in a cup

Furthermore, we show a technique for jewelry exhibition, which makes a part of the decoration of your beautiful pieces of jewelry. In fact, designers like Nate Berkus are big fans of this strategy and often use it as an opportunity to enhance the effect of tablets, bowls and other small-item stylistic accessories. The key strategy often excludes the choice of special pieces of jewelry to showcase their impact on the room as a whole. Below is an ikat bowl of anthropology skillfully filled with bracelets and integrated into the decor of a masterfully appointed bedroom. [Source: Centsational Girl]

An ikat bowl of anthropology, cleverly filled with bracelets

cool jewelry storage ideas even shell

Ikat bowls are indeed a popular choice for jewelery collections, as the next picture shows the same bowl from above! These rings may appear in the bundle, but each of them makes a big impression somehow! [Source: Style of Sam]

This time around, the jewelry on display consists of rings rather than arm bands

cool jewelery storage ideas self bowl ceramic

The sketch of the next exclusive picture, on which a teacup was cleverly used as a container for small pieces of jewelry and earrings, thus comes from Style of Sam and anthropology. What else comes in the cup? Perfume pattern maybe ... To discover even more great jewelry storage details, check out Style of Sam:

A teacup wisely used as a container for small jewelry and earrings

cool jewelry storage ideas make yourself porcelain

We love the innovative design tip below, which demonstrates the benefits of using the Napfrand to hang earrings. This is a solution that guarantees that your gems can not devour and get caught! Plus, the earrings have an interesting decorative effect on the bowl, do not you think? [Source: Fresh Coat of Paint]

 Use of the Napfrandes for hanging earrings

cool jewelery storage ideas self-make earrings shell

It is obvious that the exhibition container at the bottom is more reminiscent of a cup rather than a bowl-shaped vessel, but the same principle applies here as well. Pay attention to the delicate glass stripes that delicately surround the jewelery collection. It is remarkable how colorfully colored rings can rather emphasize than combat the jewelry they enclose, most likely thanks to the strategic selection of jewelery for the shell heart. [Source: Fit Fab Cities]

This exhibition container is more reminiscent of a cup rather than a bowl-shaped container 

cool jewelry storage ideas make your own fancy

Jewelry exhibition alternatives with framing

In the light of the headlights, we now put the power of the frame - can you imagine a better way to put chic edges around your jewelry collection ?! Take your time to paint the chosen frame and / or make it look artistically older. Then make sure that the gap has been covered or filled with material that will allow your jewelry to adhere easily or hang easily. Take a look at how wire mesh has been used in the next special picture, then notice the practical details on Eternal Eden:

Chic edges around your jewelry collection

Cool Jewelry Storage Ideas Making Frame

The metal filler in the decorative frame on the lower picture conjures up the geometric patterns of the tile lining. These unique exhibits were featured on Texas Farmer's Daughter and are also available for sale, available in Etsy shop, the blogger's shop. There's nothing embarrassing about ordering a framed jewelry display stand that you did not make yourself, especially when the results are so stunning!

These exhibits are also ready for sale

cool jewelry storage ideas make your own picture frame

We are in love with the modern look of the next framed jewelery exhibit, which is characterized by a soft blue color, white and red on the thick fabric in the middle! Actually, these shades emphasize the earrings that decorate the surface. [Source: Billie Monster]

 A gentle blue color, white and red on the strong fabric

cool jewelry storage ideas self frame white

For a great look, choose a fabric with floral motifs in striking hues such as peach and green. The super fashionable self-made jewelry organizer on the picture below is also produced by means of a frame, a fabric cutout and pearl pins, among other auxiliary materials. It serves as the perfect background for treasures like pearl jewelry and shiny brooches. Remember the How on Story by Modcloth:        

Fabric with floral motifs, in striking shades such as peach and green

Cool Jewelery Storage Ideas Yourself Floral Pattern

The framed jewelry display panels on the next picture remind us that you can also use more than one frame, with the possibility of dividing the pieces into groups. Necklaces look clean and tidy when they hang next to other necklaces, do not you think? [Source: diycrafts.blogspot via T & J designs]

You could use more than just a frame

cool jewelry storage ideas make yourself pearl necklace

Unforgettable jewelry storage suggestions

We conclude with a series of jewelry storage and exhibition solutions that will blow your socks off! Who would not fall in love with the built-in glass cabinet in the private secret chamber pictured below? And have you noticed the handset display below the mirror? [Source: The Interior Place]

Note how the translucent doors make each piece of the piece visible.

cool jewelry storage ideas self-loading

In another cabinet room designed by The Interior Place, we see a freestanding display of jewelry in the middle of the room. The effect: you think you are in a museum. At least in one that represents the sale of goods in the most glamorous way!

A freestanding jewelry display in the middle of the room

cool jewelry storage ideas DIY crafts home office

You do not have a decadent toilet with built-in jewelry show options? Do not fret! Using some stands and a mirror that will act as a central focal point, you can create your own exhibition space. Colorful, elegant and powerful! [Source: Astleford Interiors]

Some stands and a mirror - central focal point

cool jewelry storage ideas to make yourself dresser

The image below reminds us that jewelery can be raised to the level of true art when it is displayed on the wall in frames along with other paintings. Especially if the jewelry has been carefully sorted on the basis of color and style, as shown below. The textures and shapes of the necklaces are a welcome addition to the electrical space of Nubi Interiors:

Here you raise jewelry to the level of real art

cool jewelery storage ideas tinker yourself classic

Let yourself be impressed by the minimalistic design of the next special picture! Tablet are the perfect background for jewelry collections. Now note how the individual items have been organized and combined with a variety of fabrics for the purpose of artistic presentation. [Source: A. Malson Interior Design]

Minimalist design

cool jewelry storage ideas make arrangement yourself

Do you have a jewelry storage and exhibit technique that optimizes both function and style? Tell us about your creative solution! Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below ...

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